2017 Archived Links

April, 2017

EXCLUSIVE:  Menomonee Falls School District Spends $34,000 To Take 13 Employees To Social Justice Conference At Same Time It Says It Is Broke And Needs Tax Increase Referendum

Menomonee Falls Schools Brazenly Violate State Law By Using Public Money To Urge Yes Vote In Referendum

Prominent Milwaukee Business Executive Says Our Two Party System Is Failing America

Flouting The Law: Arrowhead Claims This Propaganda Page Does NOT Advocate Referendum Passage

Obama Said Almost The Same Thing About Slaves As Immigrants As Ben Carson, Yet No One Objected

Amazing Set Of Photos Shows The Accountant Wreck The Oscars

Trump Ally Chris Ruddy On Trump’s Big Three Leadership Team; Urges Trump To Ignore Media

Watch Governor Walker’s Call For Conservatives To “Stand Strong” Against Anti-Trump Protests

EXCLUSIVE: Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi Is Quitting To Become A Radio Talk Show Host

So Which Pipeline Is Going To Harm The Drinking Water???


February, 2017

State Dairy Farmers Association Blasts Sheriff Clarke For Enforcing Immigration Laws

84 Lumber President says Controversial Super Bowl Ad Wasn’t Anti-Trump And Wasn’t Pro-Illegal Immigration

EXCLUSIVE: Brookfield Assemblyman Dale Kooyenga Seeking Republican Nomination to Oppose Tammy Baldwin

EXCLUSIVE: Racine DA To Reissue Charges Against Child Abuser Who Assaulted Correctional Officers, As A Result Of Mark’s Reporting

Racine Sheriff Demands Felony Charges Be reinstated Against Child Abuser In Case First Reported By Mark

Liberals In Tiny Western Wisconsin County Realize They Are The Reason Their Neighbors Voted For Trump

Woman Thrown Off Jet For Harassing Trump Inauguration Attendee

Hidden Camera Video Shows Radical Groups Planning Violence To Disrupt Inauguration

Liberal Columnist Greenwald Calls Washington Post Russia Hack Stories “Fake News”

Read Mark’s Column On Charlie Sykes

Watch Simon Sinek’s Brilliant Explanation of Why Millennials Are So Messed Up