2021 Archived Links

July 2021

Prestigious Cleveland Clinic: No need To Vaccinate People Who Already Got Covid.  Study Says They Are Fully Immune

New Study (not yet peer-reviewed) States High Dose Treatment of HCQ and AZM Doubled Likelihood Of Surviving COVID (Trump Was Right)

Read The MacIver Institute Report On How Critical Race Theory Has Already Infected Local Public School Classrooms

Milwaukee Archdiocese Lawyer Says Attorney General Investigation Has No Legal Basis, Is Product Of Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Germantown Teacher Thanks Parents For Fighting To End Mask Mandate

Whistleblowers At Facebook Expose Censoring Of Information That Raised Concerns About Vaccine

Just Another Saturday Night On Milwaukee’s Lakefront; Car Roars Up Sidewalk (WARNING: Vulgar language)

Mask-Supporting Mukwonago School Board Member Art Schneider Uses “F***” Word During School Board Meeting  (WARNING: VULGAR) Comment appears between 9:45 and 10:00 of video

EXCLUSIVE:  Waukesha County DA Takes Responsibility For Release Of Career Criminal Charged With Death Of Milwaukee Toddler

Mark Saves A Young Listener From Being A Liberal Idiot

A Waukesha County Court Commissioner Gets Another Person Killed: Habitual Criminal Linked To Death Of Milwaukee Three-Year Old Was Released On Signature Bond Two Weeks Earlier

Senator Rand Paul Accuses Fauci Of Funding Virus Experiments That May Have Led To Covid

BLM Protestors Disrupt Annual State Memorial For Slain Police Officers
May 2021

EXCLUSIVE: All Five GOP House Members From Wisconsin Want To Dump Liz Cheney As GOP House Conference Chair

Milwaukee War Zone Update: Facebook Video Shows Car Slamming Another Car With Baby On Board; Possible Carjacking Attempt, Ends In Shots Fired (Warnings: Vulgar, Facebook Access Required)

Madison West’s Football Season Was Cancelled So The Coach Created A Club Team On His Own Time; He’s Been Fired

Dozens Of Shots Fired In Midtown Milwaukee Shootout Sunday Night  (WARNING: Videos contain vulgar language)

Hype Alert: Seven Stories Built So Far And World’s Tallest “All Timber” Building (Milwaukee’s “Ascent”) Still Seems To Have Only Concrete

EXCLUSIVE:  Former Controversial Mequon Schools Chief, Recently Fired In Georgia, Is Leading Candidate To Take Wauwatosa Schools Job

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Private Ambulance Company Is Refusing To Respond To Most Of Its Calls

EXCLUSIVE: Private Ambulance Company Pulls Out Of City Of Milwaukee, Leaving “Great Hole” In City 911 Service

Child Abuse: Congressman Scalise Releases Video Of Hellish Conditions For Children In Biden’s Border Cages

Intoxicated Driver Crashes Into State Patrol Car That Was Assisting In A Different Racine County OWI Stop

Archbishop Listecki: Religious Freedom Is Under Attack; Gender Identification Is Not A Personal Choice


April 2021

Brewers Throw 96-Year Old WWII POW Out Of Spring Training Game For Failure To Wear Mask

Biden Really Is Keeping Migrants In Cages (These Photos Show Why He’s Banning Media From Border Facilities)

The Shot That Defied Geometry (Daryl Watts’ Miracle Goal Gives Wisconsin National Hockey Championship)

EXCLUSIVE:  Waukesha County Court Commissioner Lets Accused Eighth Time Drunk Driver Free On $5,000 Bond

EXCLUSIVE:  Brookfield Central Principal Apologizes For Lurid Sex Survey Given To Health Students

Untreated, Co-Owned By Mark, Blasts Way On To Triple Crown Trail With Dominant Win

Watch Tom MacDonald’s “Fake Woke”

Hype Alert:  The Ascent, World’s “Tallest All Timber Building,” Has A Lot Of, Er, Concrete

March 2021

New CDC Study (From Wisconsin) Shows People With Covid But No Symptoms Almost Never Spread The Virus (another reason to open schools and universities)

Kettle Moraine High School Invites David Bowen, Who Lied About Shooting During Wauwatosa Riot, To Speak At School For Black History Month

Mark Belling’s Statement On Appleton Radio Host’s Toxic Comments On Rush Limbaugh’s Death

Watch Interesting Behind Scenes Look As Spanish Mission, Co-Owned By Mark, Prepares To Run For $2.5 Million Saturday In Saudi Arabia

Washington County DA, Sheriff Are Only Republicans In Southeast Wisconsin To Endorse Leftist Judge For Appeals Court

EXCLUSIVE:  Administrator Of Washington County’s Senior Citizen Center Has Her Husband Come To The Facility To Get Covid Vaccine

Video:  Merton School Board Member Jennifer Neuman Refuses To Put Hand On Heart For Pledge Of Allegiance And Refuses To Recite Pledge

Read Glenn Greenwald’s Epic Piece On Media Tattletales Who Bully Little Guys And Empower Government Censors

Watch Video Of Democrat Assemblyman David Bowen Bringing Toilet Paper To Scene Of Violent Wauwatosa Attack On Officer Mensah And Girlfriend; Video Contradicts Bowen’s Version AGAIN

February 2021

State Superintendent Of Public Instruction Candidates Answer Mark’s Questions On Prime Conservative Issues

EXCLUSIVE:  138 of MPS’ 140 School Psychologists Refuse To See Kids In Person; Most Staff Refuse To Provide Emergency Intervention For Special Needs Kids

Port Washington Eighth Grade Teacher Makes Students Disclose Political Beliefs And Post Results; Click To See The Survey She Presented

Prestigious International Liberal Newspaper, The Guardian, Reports Milwaukee Schools Were A Disaster And Covid Has Made It Worse

EXCLUSIVE:  Milwaukee Based Company Faces Major Layoffs Because Of Keystone XL Cancellation

Where It All Began: In 2014, Anthony Fauci Gave US Tax Money To Wuhan Lab To Fund Bat-To-Human Genome Experiments (The Bats Used Became The Source Of Covid-19)

EXCLUSIVE:  Milwaukee Poised To Dump Name of Old World Third Street; Make The Whole Street MLK Drive

Waukesha School District Data Shows Drastic Drop In Educational Performance During Covid Lockdowns

January 2021

EXCLSUIVE:   Republican Assemblyman John Jagler Behind Attempt To Throw Conservative State Senate Candidate Don Pridemore Off Ballot

Remember Trump’s Inauguration?   The Democrats Weren’t “Peaceful”

Read The Groundbreaking Axios Story About The Chinese Spy Who Infiltrated And Compromised Many California Democrats

Hypocrisy Alert:  New Berlin West Athletic Director Breaks Own Social Distancing Rules, Then Throws Out Spectator For Not Wearing Mask

Watch LA Restaurant Owner’s Viral Video About Movie Set Allowed to Have Big Outdoor Dining Set-Up Next to Her Closed Business

EXCLUSIVE: Speaker Robin Vos Tells Wisconsinites To Stay Home “If They Can;” Guess Where He Was This Week?

We’re Number One And Nobody Is Close! Radio Trade Publication Raves About WISN’s Dominance Of Milwaukee Radio

Milwaukee County Court Commissioner Lets Attempted Murderer Out On Low Bail: You Guess What Happened Next

Finally! Couture To Break Ground In Weeks