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EXCLSUIVE:   Republican Assemblyman John Jagler Behind Attempt To Throw Conservative State Senate Candidate Don Pridemore Off Ballot

Remember Trump’s Inauguration?   The Democrats Weren’t “Peaceful”

Read The Groundbreaking Axios Story About The Chinese Spy Who Infiltrated And Compromised Many California Democrats

Hypocrisy Alert:  New Berlin West Athletic Director Breaks Own Social Distancing Rules, Then Throws Out Spectator For Not Wearing Mask

Watch LA Restaurant Owner’s Viral Video About Movie Set Allowed to Have Big Outdoor Dining Set-Up Next to Her Closed Business

EXCLUSIVE: Speaker Robin Vos Tells Wisconsinites To Stay Home “If They Can;” Guess Where He Was This Week?

We’re Number One And Nobody Is Close! Radio Trade Publication Raves About WISN’s Dominance Of Milwaukee Radio

Milwaukee County Court Commissioner Lets Attempted Murderer Out On Low Bail: You Guess What Happened Next

Finally! Couture To Break Ground In Weeks


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