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Prestigious Cleveland Clinic: No need To Vaccinate People Who Already Got Covid.  Study Says They Are Fully Immune

New Study (not yet peer-reviewed) States High Dose Treatment of HCQ and AZM Doubled Likelihood Of Surviving COVID (Trump Was Right)

Read The MacIver Institute Report On How Critical Race Theory Has Already Infected Local Public School Classrooms

Milwaukee Archdiocese Lawyer Says Attorney General Investigation Has No Legal Basis, Is Product Of Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Germantown Teacher Thanks Parents For Fighting To End Mask Mandate

Whistleblowers At Facebook Expose Censoring Of Information That Raised Concerns About Vaccine

Just Another Saturday Night On Milwaukee’s Lakefront; Car Roars Up Sidewalk (WARNING: Vulgar language)

Mask-Supporting Mukwonago School Board Member Art Schneider Uses “F***” Word During School Board Meeting  (WARNING: VULGAR) Comment appears between 9:45 and 10:00 of video

EXCLUSIVE:  Waukesha County DA Takes Responsibility For Release Of Career Criminal Charged With Death Of Milwaukee Toddler

Mark Saves A Young Listener From Being A Liberal Idiot

A Waukesha County Court Commissioner Gets Another Person Killed: Habitual Criminal Linked To Death Of Milwaukee Three-Year Old Was Released On Signature Bond Two Weeks Earlier

Senator Rand Paul Accuses Fauci Of Funding Virus Experiments That May Have Led To Covid

BLM Protestors Disrupt Annual State Memorial For Slain Police Officers


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