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EXCLUSIVE:  Top MPS Administrator Accuses Superintendent Of Discrimination, Retaliation

Is GOP Attorney General Candidate Ryan Owens A RINO Phony?

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Horse Carriage Operator Has No License; Police Ask Public To Notify If Carriage Operator Is Seen

Bishop Barron: Our Secular Culture Has Blocked Out All Messages Secular Relativism  

Franklin Police Shootout Guy Had Multiple Pending Felony Cases, Made Videos Mocking His Bracelet Monitoring

Science Magazine: New Study Says Natural Immunity Far More Effective Against Covid Than Vaccines; Vaccines Still Vital

Lee Smith: Afghan Debacle A Sign Of Coming Collapse Of America’s Ruling Elite  (That’s A Good Thing)

Mayo Clinic Study: Moderna Vaccine Way More Effective Than Pfizer

UPDATE: Summerfest Says There Absolutely Will Be Refunds for People Who Don’t Want Vaccinations

Senator Rand Paul Says It’s Time To Resist Covid Dictates

Summerfest To Offer Refunds To All Amphitheatre Shows Because Of New Covid Rules

Bucks Win Was Only Fifth Time In State History That A Championship Was Won AT Home

Joseph Mercola: Evidence Strongly Supports Vitamin D As Powerful Weapon Against Covid

Finally!   Prominent Medical Journals Publish Research Studies Showing Harm Done To Children From Masks, Covid Mitigation

Soft On Crime State Senator Seeks Republican Nomination For Lieutenant Governor

Ozaukee County DA Admits “Terrible Outcome” In Lenient Sentence For Man Involved in Multi-County Crime Spree

Thousands Of Teachers, Including Many From Wisconsin, Vow To Teach CRT Even If It’s Banned


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