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Watch Wauwatosa Mayor McBride Allow City Council Meeting To Fall Into Chaos As Non-Residents Hijack Meeting

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up:  Arrowhead, Which Has Closed All Facilities, Puts Facilities Referendum On November Ballot

Milwaukee Protest Leader Frank “Nitty” Says Somebody Stole His Stuff;  Seeks “Donations”

Cudahy Police Chiefs Issues Warning About Man Threatening To Kill Police Officers (Warning: Vulgar)

Milwaukee Police Chaplain Seeks Support For, Defends, Officers

Here Are The Milwaukee Restaurants Calling For A Citywide Mask Requirement (Hey, Saz, How Do You Eat Your Overpriced Ribs With A Mask On?)

Prominent Texas Doctor Believes He Has  Treatment That Cures COVID

Fake Republicans Run For State Assembly In Tosa- Brookfield District

EXCLUSIVE: St. Francis Parents Whose 14-Day Old Baby Was Savagely Abused Both Get Probation

MUST READ: Longtime Climate Activist Apologizes For Thirty Years Of Inaccurate Alarmism

There Is NO COVID Death Surge: Trend Remains Low and Flat-Lined

EXCLUSIVE:  Washington County Fair Buys Insurance From Fair Board President’s Firm

FBI Official’s 2017 Notes Reveal Obama Ordered FBI To Go After Michael Flynn

Watch Video Of Tuesday Night’s Madison Riots (Warning: Vulgar Language)

Madison Riots Prove Anarchists Hate Liberals Too

EXCLUSIVE: Republican State Assemblyman Led Push To Cancel Washington County Fair

Milwaukee Police Inspector Says Officer Morale Is Low Because They Think Nobody Will Support Them; Demonstrations Have Diverted Detectives From Investigating Violent Crime

Menomonee Falls Village President Welcomes Protests, Hopes There Are More

Wisconsin Has Reverse Spike As State Covid Hospitalizations Plummet

Here’s The CDC’s Own Chart: There Is NO Spike In Covid In US

Cowardly Racine County Fair Board Holds Secret Vote To Cancel Fair

Here They Go Again: Dodge County Board Proposes Draconian Rules To Harass Citizens Over Covid Or Any Other Public Health Issue

National Bureau Of Economic Research Says End Of Wisconsin Lockdown Did NOT Produce Virus Increase

Walworth County Sheriff Skips Multi-Agency Planning Meeting To March In Protest And Take A Knee

Shorewood Protest Spitter Is Walker Recall Signer, Donor To Village President

Read Mark’s Column On What It’s Like To Be A Police Officer Right Now

MUST READ: Why Obama Cronies Targeted General Flynn From The Beginning (It Was All About Iran And What Flynn Knew)

JP Morgan Report Says Covid Cases Go DOWN After Lockdowns End!

Waukesha County Judge Maria Lazar Says COVID Lockdowns Are Producing An Epidemic Of Drug Overdoses


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