2019 Archived Links

December 2019

Packers Dishonestly Claim They Have Donated To Pro-Life Group In Past

Wisconsin’s Embarrassing Athletic Hall Of Fame Snubs Kareem, Trickle, Burdette And Other Greats Again

EXCLUSIVE:  Finally!!  Financing Complete For Couture

EXCLUSIVE: Northern Wisconsin Congressional Candidate Flip Flops After Getting Endorsement From Prominent Union Lobbyist

Sheboygan Bethlehem Lutheran School Makes Pro-Life Ornament For Evers’ “Science-Based Holiday Tree”

August Email From Menomonee Falls Superintendent To Staff Proves Decision To Change Indians nickname Was Made Months Ago

Excellent Column: Pelosi Declares Coup Against Trump

EXCLSUSIVE:  Federal Investigation Into Sexual Harassment In Wisconsin National Guard Is Over And Has Been Given To Governor Evers

EXCLUSIVE:  Pro-Police Group Set Up Con That Led To Bucks Connaughton’s Anti-Police Video

EXCLUSIVE:  Driver Who Got Probation For Killing Two Passengers Cited For Driving While On Face Time

EXCLUSIVE: Suspected Cedarburg Serial Rapist Changes Name, But Still Posts, On Dating Site Following Mark’s Disclosure Of His Identity

Kanye Takes His Message To Joel Osteen’s Church

Here Are The Lake Country Nincompoops Who Think Thanksgiving Is Offensive

Local Man Suspected Of 20 Sexual Assaults Is Still Posting On Popular Hook-Up Site

Liberals Enabled Powerful Sex Predators

EXCLUSIVE: Legal Teen Prostitution, Ban On Under 21 Cigarette Buying Both DOA In State Assembly

November 2019

More Milwaukeeans Are Riding The Electronic Scooters Than The Stupid Trolley (Which Is Free)

Interesting Piece By Former Democrat On How Trump Is A Transformational President

EXCLUSIVE: Top Madison-Based DOT Official Met With Contractor Same Day Penalties For Botched Racine Project Were Dropped

EXCLUSIVE: Top Official Of Inner City Advocacy Group Jailed In Connection With Last Week’s Hit And Run That Killed Three Children

EXCLUSIVE: Local State Assemblyman Sponsors Bill To Benefit Himself!

EXCLUSIVE:  Milwaukee Vincent Football Team Forfeits All Games, Coach Was Fired For Similar Violations Two Years Ago

Visit Milwaukee’s List Of Top Events In Milwaukee This Week Does Not Have Either “Hamilton” Or Bucks Season Opener

Hey, Menomonee Falls NINETY Percent Of Native Americans Are Not Offended By Indian Team Nicknames (2016 survey)

EXCLUSIVE:  Top MPS Official Abruptly Leaves District As Her Son Gets Probation For Stealing $60,000 Worth Of Computer Equipment From MPS, Northwestern Mutual

Proud Native American Demands Menomonee Falls Keep “Indians” Nickname; Says No Actual Indians Are Offended; Accuses Liberals Of Sanitizing History

EXCLUSIVE: Menomonee Falls Superintendent Tells Friend He Intends To Change High School Name To “Falcons;” Says If Name Doesn’t Change, He Will Quit 

The Couture Wouldn’t Be The First Barrett-Lo Project That Didn’t Get Done

EXCLUSIVE:  Accused Vape Cartridge Kingpins Released On Bail, Even As Mayor Barrett Says Their Arrest Makes City Safer


October 2019

Crazy Penzey Is The Second Largest Facebook Advertiser On Impeachment Issue (More Than Any Politician, Except Trump!)

EXCLUSIVE: Couture STILL Hasn’t Paid Property Taxes

EXCLUSIVE: Couture High Rise Property Site Taxes Are Delinquent; Barrett and Lo Owe $390,000

EXCLUSIVE:  West Bend Mayor’s Construction Company Hired To Do Major Development Project On Land Sold By City For $1

Ever-Obstructive Menomonee Falls School District Charges $180 For Simple Records Release

Menomonee Falls Residents: Send This To Your School District

EXCLSUIVE:  Why Is A Wisconsin Government Agency Approving Municipal Junk Bonds For Other States????

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Felon Released By Mistake By Corrections Facility In Milwaukee

 EXCLUSIVE: Morales Likely To Be Reappointed Milwaukee Police Chief, But With Limited Term

Dawn Of The Belling “Grand Babies” 

Lunatic Congressman Rashida Tlaib Accuses Vicki McKenna Of Lying Under Oath And Engaging In Conspiracy By Winking

MPS Special Education Referral Document Spells “Edication” Wrong…And Has Since 2016!

EXCLUSIVE:  Milwaukee Credit Rating Lowered For Second Time This Year (No Local Media Will Report This)

EXCLUSIVE:  Politically Connected “Developer” Given Risky $9 Million Milwaukee Loan Is A Longtime Deadbeat With A String Of Debt Collection Lawsuits, Many From The City Itself

Apparently We’re Not Lenient Enough: Alberta Darling And Michael Schraa Want To Let Even More Criminals Out Of Prison

September 2019

Fifty Years Of Bogus Climate Doomsday Hysteria: Wrong, Wrong, And More Wrong

Watch An Excellent Video On How The Inability To Say No To Federal Funds Led To Milwaukee’s Trolley Boondoggle

High Hopes:  Watch Spectacular Saratoga Career Debut Of Gouverneur Morris, Two-Year Old Horse Co-Owned By Mark (click on Sept. 2, Race 6)

UW-La Crosse Under Fire For Handling Of Student’s Allegation Of Sexual Misconduct By Faculty Member

EXCLUSIVE:  Racine Contractor Let Off Hook For Botching Job Is In Non-Compliance On Two Other Contracts

EXCLUSIVE:  State DOT Drops Penalties Against Contractor Who Botched Major Racine County Project

EXCLUSIVE:  Is Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales Going To Be Fired?

The Item In This Photo Is At Meadow View School In Oconomowoc.  Can You Figure Out What It Is?

Journal Sentinel Ranks Favre Best Packer Player, Higher Than Don Hutson, Doesn’t Put Starr On Top 10.  Here’s Their Brewers And Bucks List

August 2019

Mark’s Picks For The Arlington Million Day Stakes Races Aug. 10 At Arlington Park

State Fair Proudly Displays “Art” Using Derivation Of “N” Word

Fascinating Interview: Shark Tank’s O’Leary Says Economy Is Strongest It’s Ever Been, Trump Has Zero Chance Of Losing

EXCLUSIVE: State Assembly Democrat Leader Bills “Childcare” Expenses To His Campaign Fund

Mark’s Top Ten Questions The Media Should Be Asking About The Couture Fiasco

 Director Of State Courts Accused Of Lying About Bill Demanding Searchable Database Of State Judges  (Warning: vulgar language)

Dirtiest In The Nation: Milwaukee Beaches Are Contaminated (With You Know What) Two-Thirds Of The Time

UPDATED EXCLUSIVE:  UW-Parkside Employee Burned In $315,000 “Phishing” Scam

Young Kenosha Man Goes Internationally Viral After Unintentionally Photo-Bombing Wedding Proposal

A Star Is Born: “Hannah From Milwaukee” (Hannah Webber of Waukesha) Plays Bass On Stage With The Killers At Summerfest

EXCLUSIVE:  State To Suspend All Milwaukee Area Road Work For One month Surrounding Democrat Convention

EXCLUSIVE: Updated Information On President Trump’s Visit To Milwaukee Friday July 12

EXCLUSIVE:  MPS Hires Accused Federal Criminal For Teaching Position; Charged In Hack Of Dem Congressional Computers

June 2019

A Star Is Born: “Hannah From Milwaukee” (Hannah Webber of Waukesha) Plays Bass On Stage With The Killers At Summerfest

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Legislature Likely To Take Mileage Fee, That Required No Vote, Out Of State Budget

EXCLUSIVE:  Man Wanted For Multiple High Speed Chases In Milwaukee County Was On Probation For, You Guessed It, A High Speed Chase

FAKE NEWS: JSOnline Passes Off Paid Casino Ad As A News Story

Proof Of More Climate Quackery: 2008 Study Blamed LOW Great Lakes Water Levels On Global Warming

And This From National Geographic In 2012: “Climate Change” Responsible For Low Lake Michigan Water Levels

And This From 2013: Climate Change Causing Low Great Lakes Water Levels Threaten Shoreline Power Plant Operations

May 2019

EXCLUSIVE:  Greenfield School Board Member Is A Separate School District Employee

Some Say They See Jesus Image In Notre Dame Flames

Foxconn Chair And CEO Terry Gou Likely Running For President Of Taiwan

EXCLUSIVE: Driver Who Caused Fatal Crash While Fleeing Milwaukee Deputy Allegedly Committed  Armed Robbery In La Crosse One Day Earlier

Watch The Controversial Goal Reversed By Referees To Give US Women Hockey Gold for Second Year In Row (The Goalie Is From Arrowhead!)

Here’s The Revealing, But Also Deeply Misleading, Story About Rodgers And McCarthy Everyone Is Talking About

Here’s The List Of Top Fake News Media Exclusives in Collusion Case That Were Proven False

Hilarious Video Of Media Repeatedly Predicting Trump Doom Because Of Russia

March 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Pick Non-Union Fiserv Forum For National Convention

UPDATE: Brookfield HS Basketball Superstar Arrested After Drug Investigation

Madison RINO Mob Strikes Again: Johnson And Jordahl Sandbag Hagedorn’s Supreme Court Candidacy

EXCLUSIVE: Local High School Basketball Superstar Kicked Off Team After Sheriff Department Investigation

Here Are The Realtor/Bigots Blasting Brian Hagedorn For His Christian Beliefs

60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan Says She’s Being Targeted For Exposing Liberal Media Bias

Watch Chicago Police Superintendent’s Powerful And Indignant Comments About Jussie Smollett Hoax And Arrest

Read Mark’s Thoughts On Brewers Moving “Moose” To Second Base

Oops, They Did It Again: Jussie Smollett The Latest In A Long List Of Fake Hate Crimes The Media Fell For

Outstanding Esquire Magazine Profiling What It’s Like To Be A Conservative High School Boy In West Bend


February 2019

Channel 12 Forced To Apologize For Running Story Trashing Officer Rittner AFTER His Death

Bucks Make Best Trade Of NBA Deadline Deals: Steal Star Nikola Mirotic

Check Out Mark’s Ballot For Milwaukee Brewers/Braves Walk Of Fame

Mark Does It! Predicts Eight Football Games In Row Against Spread (First Time Anybody Has Done It In History Of 25-Year Old Contest)

Suburban Racine County Fire Chief Blasts Racine Fire Department For Refusing To Go In Water To Aid Woman Who Drove Into Lake Michigan And Died

Another Celebrity Liar Exposed: Acclaimed Novelist Has Been Lying About Everything In His Life For Years

EXCLUSIVE:  Milwaukee County DA Admits Froedtert Murder Suspect Was Freed From Jail For Obstructing Police Only Hours Before Murder (UPDATED)

EXCLUSIVE:  Milwaukee County Board Committee Votes To Change Name Of Columbus Park

EXCLUSIVE: Accused Froedtert Murderer Was Released From Jail Without Charges One Night Before Parking Garage Attack

Scott McKay On The Conservative Scolds Who Constantly Suck Up To Liberal Elites (And Always Get It Wrong!)

EXCLUSIVE:  Former Shorewood Schools Child Care Administrator Charged In Case Of Horrible Neglect Of Infant

Bishop Barron Calls Reaction To Covington Kids “Satanic”

Milwaukee Democrat State Senator Calls Covington Kids Racist Three Days After Video Came Out That Debunked Story

EXCLUSIVE: White House Kills Nomination Of Milwaukee Federal Judge Nominee Because Of Baldwin’s Refusal To Consider Catholic

The Story The Media Got Horribly Wrong: The Catholic Kids Didn’t Taunt Anybody

New Video Shows Student Wearing MAGA Hat Did NOT Incite Or Taunt Native American In Viral Video

Is It Possible For Wisconsin Republicans To Get  Any Dumber Than This?

Manitowoc Detective Faces Death Threats From Dopes Who Fell For Making Of A Murderer

Oconomowoc School Board Member Accuses Fellow Board Member Of Unethical Behavior, Tampering With Bid Process

EXCLUSIVE: Police Investigate Possible Embezzlement From Milwaukee Neighborhood Association

EXCLUSIVE: Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes Was Late On Milwaukee Property Taxes Until Last Week

He’s Already Proving He Lied:  Evers Said Four Days Before The Election He’d Raise No Taxes

Wisconsin Is Not Open For Business Anymore

January 2019

Watch Highlights Of Arguably Most Incredible Win In Marquette History

Wisconsin Is Not Open For Business Anymore

State Senate Democratic Leader Hires As Aide Woman Who Made Racist And Sexist Tweets

EXCLUSIVE: Tony Evers’ Corrections Secretary Will Be Triple Dipper With Two Large Pensions Plus High Salary

State Republicans Begin Review To “Reboot” Party

Rockwell Bans Chick-fil-A From Company Food Market/Cafeteria At Milwaukee Plant

Harvard Study Says Gender Gap In Pay Is Because Men Are Willing To Work Longer Hours

Milwaukee Group Seeks Over $1 Billion In Private Investment For Non-Government Passenger Rail Project

Watch Lindsey Stirling and Kuha’o Case’s Stunning Version Of O Come Emmanuel

EXCLUSIVE: Fatal Hit And Run Occurred Near Residence Of Chronic Multiple Drunk Driver

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Army National Guard Botches Court Martial Of Sergeant Accused of Sexually Assaulting Another Sergeant

Most Bizarre Christmas Carol Ever: New Version Of “Rudolph” BY William Shatner and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons

EXCLUSIVE: Prominent Milwaukee Religious Leader Taken Into Custody Amid Embezzlement Investigation

Finally!  Sheriff’s Deputy Cleared In Lakefront Shooting (Watch Excellent Dashcam Video Here)

EXCLUSIVE:  Photographer Who Took Baraboo Nazi Salute Picture Is A Former Leader Of State Teachers Union

EXCLUSIVE:  Wauwatosa Poll Worker Violates State Law By Wearing Anti-Trump Clothing  At Polls While Working