2014 Archived Links

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hilarious Saturday Night Live Open Mocks Obama Immigration Order

Marquette Professor Says Gay Rights Can Not Be Discussed Because Somebody Might Be Offended

Fascinating Story About Paul Ryan And His Plan To Eventually Leave Politics

Compelling Video: Chicago Blacks Say Democrats Are To Blame For Problems In Black America

George Will: John Doe Probe In Wisconsin Is Nastiest Political Tactic In America This Year

Colorado Activist Group Caught On Tape Urging Use Of Discarded Ballots To Cast Fraudulent Votes

Former Doyle Aide And Burke Predecessor At Commerce Calls Mary Burke A Disaster


Friday, October 24, 2014

Hilarious Video: Madison Solar Power Advocates’ Stunt Fizzles When Solar Batteries Conk Out

Segway Boy Jeremy Ryan Facing Felony Charges For Incident With Girlfriend

Disabilities, LGBT Activist Says Burke Staff Mistreated People With Disabilities

Neenah School District Blasts Burke For Saying Act 10 Has Hurt Neenah

Was Mary Burke Campaign Privacy Policy Language Lifted From Another Campaign; Example #1

Example #2

EXCLUSIVE: Woman Who Brags That She Broke Into State Capitol Hired To Protect State Capitol!

Mary Burke Plagiarizes Economic Development Plan From Other Campaigns

Government Accountability Board Design For Ballot Favors Democrats: Look At The Biased Design

Actual Photo Of Required News Viewing In A Germantown High School Classroom

Assistant DA Says John Chisholm’s Wife Is Obsessed With Walker, Is Driving John Doe

Group Shuts Down I-43 To Stage Illegal Drag Race, Then Brags About It

Check Out Facebook Photos Of 15-Year Old Career Criminal Killed While Committing Milwaukee Armed Robbery

Outstanding Piece By Bret Stephens On Obama’s Responsibility For The “Meltdown”

Read This Chilling Account Of How Prosecutors Targeted Scott Walker And Wisconsin Conservatives

Mark Ranks The Top Ten Packers Quarterbacks

Sheriff Clarke In The Washington Times: Talk Radio Is Why I Beat  Bloomberg/Abele Money

Euro Charline, Co-Owned By Mark, Wins Prestigious Beverly D

Here’s The Video Of Euro Charline’s Upset Win


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Son Of WISN’s Jeff Kowal Married Onstage By Paul McCartney

Rolling Blunder: The Economist Magazine Labels Streetcars An Urban Boondoggle

Germantown Teacher Cited For Vandalizing Republican County Fair Display

Read The Covenant St. Marcus Requires Of Students, Teachers And Parents 

Look What Happened To A Donation Mailed To Governor Walker’s Campaign.

Fascinating Decision: CNBC’s Blasts Fed’s Easy Money; Everybody Else Says He’s Nuts (He’s Right) 

Marquette Tries To Reprimand Professor For Saying “Girls Night Out;” He Fights Back

Documentary Filmmaker Exposes How Criminals And Terrorists Are Entering Through Our Border, Mexican Helicopter Violates US Airspace

Exclusive: Five Time Drunk Driver Was Three Times Over Limit Night Of His Fatal Accident

Watch The Trailer For The New Movie “America”

Mark’s Euro Charline Runs Third At 16-1 In Coronation Stakes At Prestigious Royal Ascot

Here’s Mark In Top Hat And Tails At Royal Ascot


Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Makes Listeners A Fortune With His Belmont Picks

Sting: Hollywood Lefties Agree To Back Fake Anti-Fracking Film From Middle East Oil Tycoons

Read How Left Wing BizTimes.com Turns Drop In State Unemployment Rate To Another Shot At Governor Walker

Read Judge Randa’s Ruling Shutting Down The John Doe Witch Hunt

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Watch Video of Pharrell’s Happy (Unofficial Brewers Theme Song)

Here’s The Brewers Own Happy Video

Read The Decision: Federal Appeals Court Upholds Act 10

Here’s The Real Racism: The Vicious Treatment Of Black Conservatives

How To Get Rid Of Malcontents: Amazon Offers $5,000 To Workers Who Quit

Eau Claire Native Responds To Hank Aaron Comparing Republicans To KKK

Watch Governor Walker’s Newest Ad (Timed For His Reelection Announcement


Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Oconomowoc Mayor Candidate Jayson Mauer Is A Walker Recall Signer

Mequon Aldermanic Candidate Robert Ashmore Blasts America; Calls Israel A Terrorist Government

Contrary To Her TV Ad, Mary Burke Admits Unemployment Is Down Under Governor Walker

Watch The Amazing Promo For A New Reality Show About The Most Dangerous Job In America


Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Watch The Bucks’ “Greek Freak’s” Amazing Double Block

Check Out This Eerie Chart: Stock Market Action Right Now Identical To 1929 Before Crash

Longtime Obamacare Supporter Now Says It’s Almost Impossible To Defend

Look Who Just Got Nailed For Second Offense Drunk Driving


Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 

Los Angeles Times:  Obamacare Results In Chaos At Doctor Offices; Many Lose Their Physicians

Sheriff Clarke Tells WISN’s Jay Weber He May Run For Mayor

Here’s Background On The Famous Violin Stolen In Milwaukee

CBS Face The Nation Edits Out Sen. Ted Cruz Comments About Obama; Targeting Of Dinesh D’Souza

Madison School Nursing Assistant Take Crude Facebook Shot At Governor Walker’s Family

EXCLUSIVE:  Mary Burke Political Organized Using School Resources

More Republican In-fighting; Ted Cruz Supporters Blast Senator Ron Johnson’s Obamacare Lawsuit

Liberal Blogger Comments On Walker And The Kenosha Casino; Cites Mark’s Influence

Here’s The List Of Union Recertification Votes In Every Wisconsin School District