2020 Archived Links

May, 2020

Follow The Science: University Of Illinois Professors Say Healthy People Should NOT Wear Masks

Longtime Milwaukee Business Leader Dan Steininger, A COVID survivor, Says Virus Response Is An Over-Reaction

Kenosha County Ends Shutdown Immediately After Being Told Supreme Court Ruling Applies To Local Governments

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Health Commissioner Takes Leave Of Absence In Middle Of Covid Actions For Elective Surgery

Read The Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down The Stay At Home Order

UW Med School Critical Care Chief Says WHO, CDC Guidance For Treating COVID Is All Wrong; Advocates High Dose Vitamin C and D Regimen

Cancer Screenings Have Plummeted To Near Zero! (Proof Mark Was Right About Cancer Prevention Stopping Because Of COVID Over-reaction)

Watch Eric Hovde’s Open Wisconsin Now Ad

London Telegraph: Study Finds No Known Case Of A Child Passing COVID To Adult

NYC ER Doctor Treating COVID Says It’s Time To Open Up Society; Response Is Making Other Medical Conditions Worse

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Hospital COVID Patient Count Drops Again; Aurora Down To 90 In Whole State

EXCLUSIVE: Local Hospital Chains, Clinics Begin To Lift Restrictions On Procedures Postponed Because Of COVID

EXCLSUIVE: Media Is Falsely Reporting Milwaukee Police Arrests For Violating Evers’ Order

EXCLUSIVE: State Hospital COVID Case Load Continues To Plummet

EXCLUSIVE: Aurora Begins Plans To Resume Postponed Non-COVID Procedures

New England Journal Of Medicine Details How Non-COVID Patients Are Being Denied Care Because Of Virus-Related Postponements

Fox News’ Bret Baier Reports: Virus Got Out Of Chinese Lab During China Attempts To Compete With US

EXCLUSIVE: Only 112 Covid Patients Currently Hospitalized At Aurora Hospitals In Entire State Of Wisconsin

EXCLUSIVE: 78-Year Old Genesee Man Threatened With Citation For Trying To Hike In State Park Closed By Evers

Report: Evers Administration Deliberately Fed False Data Into Models That Led To Closing Orders

Bizarre: Guy Deliberately Crashes His Exotic Porsche Into Parked Cars While Driving Insanely On Abandoned Manhattan Streets


April, 2020

On April 1, Tony Evers Said It Would Be Illegal For Him To Delay The Election (Something He Ordered April 6)

COVID-19 Rhapsody: Coronavirus Brings Freddie Back To Life (Sort Of)

The Sound Of Music In The Covid-19 Era

Former Joe Biden Senate Staffer, A Lifelong Democrat, Accuses Biden of Sexual Assault In 1993 Incident

Wisconsin Air National Guard Leader Fired

Major Development!  Scientist Who Created COVID Model Predicting Mass Death Toll Now Says He Was Wrong; Says Outbreak Will Peak And Subside In A Few Weeks; Revises Death Toll Down By 25 Times

EXCLUSIVE:  Road Rage Incident Leads To Arrest Of Former Racine Mayor John Dickert, Now A Top Official In State Revenue Department

Brookfield City Attorney Disgraces Self; Calls Absentee Voting A “Privilege,” Not A Right

EXCLUSIVE:  Bublr Bikes In Deep Financial Trouble

Is Bad Data Leading To A Terrible Over-Reaction To The China Virus?  (This article is really good)

EXCLUSIVE:  Wauwatosa City Clerk Violates State Law By Accepting Absentee Ballots By Email!

EXCLUSIVE:  Operator Of Pabst Theater, Owned By Millionaire Foundation, Seeks “Donations” For Laid Off Employees

Racine Unified Teacher Says He’s Been Ordered Not To Help Teach Kids Who Are Home Because It’s Not Fair To Other Kids Whose Teachers Won’t Do It

Here’s How Mark Voted And His Other Election Recommendations

Here’s The Link You Can Use To Schedule To Donate Blood

March, 2020

EXCLUSIVE:  State Of Wisconsin Puts Parcel Across Street From Couture Site On Market For $14 Million; Couture Project Still Virtually Certain To Progress

EXCLSUIVE: Brewers Place Restrictions On Police Carrying Guns At Miller Park

Convicted Felon Drug Dealer Is Star Player On Stritch Men’s Basketball Team

Here’s The Video Of The Wild Scene After Tyson Fury Knocked Out Deontay Wilder; Sings American Pie In The Ring

State Assembly Gives Final Approval To Probation Revocation Bill, Agrees To Eliminate Provision That Would Have Gutted Bill

EXCLUSIVE:  Dodge County Judicial Candidate Touts Endorsement Of Depraved Judge Who Gave Probation To Long-term Sexual Predator

Here’s An Excellent Piece With Data On How Texting And Driving Is So Dangerous

Democrat Goes To A Trump Rally And Is Shocked; Drops Longtime Democrat Membership

Here’s The Softest On Crime Republican  In The Wisconsin Legislature

MPS Teacher Who Tweeted It Is “Awesome” That Rush Limbaugh Has Cancer Blasted Brewer Josh Hader For His :Incredibly Offensive” Tweets

EXCLUSIVE: MPS Teacher Tweets Rush Limbaugh Should Have to Suffer From Cancer, Says “It’s Awesome That He’s Dying…”

EXCLUSIVE: Another Blow To Bayshore; Major Office Tenants Bail Out

EXCLUSIVE:  State School Boards Convention Pushes Pro-Democrat, Liberal Agenda

Mark Belling’s Brewers/Braves Walk Of Fame Ballot

February, 2020

EXCLUSIVE:  New Name For Miller Park Is “American Family Field”

Must Read City Study: Achievement Gap Between Races Is Greatest In Liberal  “Progressive” Cities, Smallest In Conservative  Ones

Bernie Sanders Field Organizer Caught On Video Saying Milwaukee Will Burn If Sanders Doesn’t Get Nomination; Defends Stalin’s Russian Gulags

EXCLUSIVE:  St. Francis Parents Whose 14-Day Old Baby Was Savagely Abused Cut Plea Deal For Probation, Misdemeanor Convictions

Spoiled Brat IRS Employees In Waukesha Reprimanded For Messing With Trump Photo

JSOnline In 2020: “Climate Change” Causes High Lake Michigan Levels

JSOnline In 2013: Low Lake Michigan Water Levels A Result Of “Climate Changed”

Here’s A List Of Local Showings Of The Pro-Life Movie “Unplanned”

EXCLUSIVE:  Man Arrested For Waukesha County Courthouse Bomb Threat Had Hearing Scheduled In Court That Morning

EXCLUSIVE: Tavern League Opposes Extended Bar Hours In Milwaukee During DNC

More Intolerance At Marquette: Bullying Liberal Prof Threatens To Dock Student’s Grade If He Doesn’t Use “Gender Inclusive” Terminology

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Felon, Free On Bail Awaiting Sentencing On A Dozen Felonies, Arrested On St. Francis Gun Charges