2020 Archived Links


November 2020

Wisconsin Assembly REPUBLICANS Propose To Allow Unelected Bureaucrats To Shut Down Businesses For 14 Days Without Vote By Elected Officials

EXCLUSIVE:  Man Arrested For Punching Police Officer During Sex Assault Investigation At Residence Of Activist Frank “Nitty”

Waukesha Alderman Who Ran As Democrat For State Assembly Facing Felony Domestic Violence Charge

BLM Protestors Shut Down Burlington School Board Meeting After Demanding Anti-Police Curriculum (VIDEO)

Fox 6’s Ted Perry Bemoans That Mitch McConnell Didn’t Die But Alex Trebek Did

Here Are Mark’s Top Plays In The Friday-Saturday Breeders’ Cup

Michigan Post Office Supervisor Fraudulently Postmarks Election Ballots To Appear They Came In Before Deadline

MATC IT Instructor Threatens President’s Life In Online Election Night Social Media Rant….When He Thought Trump Would Win (WARNING: Vulgar)

Democrat District Attorney In Central Wisconsin AWOL: Hasn’t Been To Work In Months But Running For Reelection Anyway!

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden To Host Event At Mitchell Airport

I Told You So….I Told You So…I Told You So: The Trolley Is Losing $3 Million A Year

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee County Bans Trump Rally: Cancels Event At Mitchell—That’s Why It’s Being Held In Waukesha

New UW-Madison Study Says High School Sports Participation Does Not Raise Risk Of Getting Covid

Liberal Law Professor Jonathan Turley Blasts Corporate And Media Censorship Of Biden Ukraine Scandal

Watch Project Veritas Video Exposing How Google Uses Search To Bias Election Information

BIAS:  New Study Shows Most Researchers Who Debunked Hydroxychloroquine Had History Of Leftist Political Donations


October 2020

Here’s A 16 Minute DashCam Video From Tosa Police Of What Is Going On In Residential Neighborhoods

Click Here For Raw Video Of What Wauwatosa’s “Peaceful” Protests Are Like (Warnings: Very vulgar; you may need to be on Facebook to view)

Wauwatosa City Council Member Defends Vandalism Of City Businesses

EXCLUSIVE: Ray Banks May Be Next Milwaukee Police Chief

Watch Graphic Video Of The Wauwatosa Riot

EXCLUSIVE: Supreme Court Chief Justice Barred Waukesha County Judge From In-Person Court Sessions Over Failure To Wear Mask (UPDATED)

Video:  Tosa Resident Begs Rioters To Leave His Neighborhood Alone, Says They Are Pro-BLM Union Teachers (It Didn’t Work)

We’re Number One!   WISN Ratings Explode As Rest Of Media Veers Left

The 2020 Preakness Was The Best Horse Race Of The Year: Watch It Here

Milwaukee Protest Leader Khalil Coleman’s Links To Gangster Disciples Revealed

Watch Wauwatosa Police Committee Chair’s Hate-Fill Rant At Police (WARNING: VULGAR) And Alder Heather Kuhl’s Defense Of Him

Latest CDC Estimate:  If You’re Under 50, Only 1 in 5,000 Who Get Covid Will Die  (It’s Much Higher For 70+)

Here’s How The Election Will Be Stolen:  Video Shows Massive Ballot Fraud Coordinated In Ilhan Omar’s Office

EXCLUSIVE:  Ozaukee-Washington Health Board Member Who Mocked Mask Opponents For Low IQ Asked To Resign

UW-Madison Student Newspaper Fires Columnist For This Column

Decide For Yourself: New Video Shows All Three Kyle Rittenhouse Shootings (Warning: Graphic Violence).   Was It Self-Defense?


September 2020

Wisconsin’s COVID Rate Is Way Off: They’re Not Counting Thousands Of Negative Tests

Democrat Wisconsin Ethics Commission Member Scott Ross Calls For Burning Congress Down If Trump Supreme Court Nominee Confirmed

Ozaukee-Washington Health Board Member Cathy Cero-Jaeger Says Refusal To Wear Masks Is Sign Of Low IQ  (fast forward to 48:25)

Journalist Alex Berenson: Milwaukee Inflating Covid Death Numbers With People Who Were Already Dying

Politico Magazine:  Democrats Fear Evers’ Awful Performance On Kenosha  May Cost Biden A Wisconsin Win

Report: High-Ranking Organizer Of Wauwatosa’s “People’s Revolution” Is A Convicted Felon With Pending Burglary Cases

Must Watch Video: Excellent Math-Based Presentation On How COVID Was A Normal Flu-Like Outbreak And That Mask and Lockdown Orders Were Irrelevant

Claremont Institute’s Michael Anton Believes Democrats Are Plotting “Coup” To Remove Trump

Mark’s 2020 Kentucky Derby Picks

Trump Unveils New Ad In Response To Kenosha Riots

CDC Acknowledges Coronavirus Sole Cause Of Only 6% Of Reported Covid Deaths

Kanye West’s Lawyer Alleges Wisconsin Election Commission Locked Doors To Prevent West From Filing Presidential Nominating Papers On Time

Democrat Operative Admits To Massive Mail-In Vote Fraud; Says It’s Easy

Prominent Kenosha Democrat And Attorney Says He’s Voting For Trump Because Of Disgraceful Democrat Response To Riot

Here Are Graphic Pictures Of Day Two Of The Burning Down Of Kenosha

Clear Channel Milwaukee Orders Removal Of Billboards That Advocate Staying In School, Getting A Job And Giving Back To Community

With Milwaukee’s Murder Rate Increase Highest In Nation, Evers Administration Moves To Keep Even MORE Crooks on The Street

Hartford School Board Member Praises Kaepernick For National Anthem Kneeling, Lauds Radical AOC

Here’s The “Peaceful Protestor” Accused Of firing A Shotgun At Officer Mensah

Here’s What Wauwatosa Police Are Dealing With (Warning: Very Vulgar Language)

Prominent Trump Supporter Says She Was Thrown Out Of Pewaukee Hotel After Wearing MAGA Face Mask

Milwaukee Murder Rate Increase Is The HIGHEST In The Country (While Mayor, Council Cut Police Funding)

Lake Michigan Monster: Low-Low Budget Monster Movie Filmed In Milwaukee is Actually VERY Good

Germantown Swim Coach Says He Was Fired For His Political Beliefs

Watch The Interview With Dr. Simone Gold That Social Media keeps banning (Advocate of Hydroxychloroquine)

Here’s The Full Video Of The George Floyd Encounter With Minneapolis Police 

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Cop Killer To Be Released From Prison

African-American Trump Supporter Murdered At His Home In Riverwest

Website Set Up To Support Wauwatosa Officer Mensah

Two Republican House Members From Wisconsin Vote To Place Statue Of Roe V. Wade Supreme Court Justice In Capitol

EXCLUSIVE: Northwestern Mutual Bars Employees From Meeting Outside Of Work

Gofundme Set Up For Wauwatosa Police Officer Suspended By Despicable Council And Police Commission 

Influential Publication Again Names Mark Most Important Talk Radio Host in Wisconsin And One Of Top Local Hosts In America

Read The Column By A Local Black Conservative State Senate Candidate That “Right Wisconsin” Found Offensive

Major Newspaper Reports FBI Is Investigating Whether Covid Was Accidental Leak From Wuhan Lab: Have Some Lab Employees Defected To West?

Incoming Marquette Freshman Who Was Threatened For Posting Pro-Trump Video Appears On Laura Ingramaham’s Fox Show

Watch Wauwatosa Mayor McBride Allow City Council Meeting To Fall Into Chaos As Non-Residents Hijack Meeting

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up:  Arrowhead, Which Has Closed All Facilities, Puts Facilities Referendum On November Ballot

Milwaukee Protest Leader Frank “Nitty” Says Somebody Stole His Stuff;  Seeks “Donations”

Cudahy Police Chiefs Issues Warning About Man Threatening To Kill Police Officers (Warning: Vulgar)

Milwaukee Police Chaplain Seeks Support For, Defends, Officers

Here Are The Milwaukee Restaurants Calling For A Citywide Mask Requirement (Hey, Saz, How Do You Eat Your Overpriced Ribs With A Mask On?)

Prominent Texas Doctor Believes He Has  Treatment That Cures COVID

Fake Republicans Run For State Assembly In Tosa- Brookfield District

EXCLUSIVE: St. Francis Parents Whose 14-Day Old Baby Was Savagely Abused Both Get Probation

MUST READ: Longtime Climate Activist Apologizes For Thirty Years Of Inaccurate Alarmism

There Is NO COVID Death Surge: Trend Remains Low and Flat-Lined

EXCLUSIVE:  Washington County Fair Buys Insurance From Fair Board President’s Firm

FBI Official’s 2017 Notes Reveal Obama Ordered FBI To Go After Michael Flynn

Watch Video Of Tuesday Night’s Madison Riots (Warning: Vulgar Language)

Madison Riots Prove Anarchists Hate Liberals Too

EXCLUSIVE: Republican State Assemblyman Led Push To Cancel Washington County Fair

Milwaukee Police Inspector Says Officer Morale Is Low Because They Think Nobody Will Support Them; Demonstrations Have Diverted Detectives From Investigating Violent Crime

Menomonee Falls Village President Welcomes Protests, Hopes There Are More

Wisconsin Has Reverse Spike As State Covid Hospitalizations Plummet

Here’s The CDC’s Own Chart: There Is NO Spike In Covid In US

Cowardly Racine County Fair Board Holds Secret Vote To Cancel Fair

Here They Go Again: Dodge County Board Proposes Draconian Rules To Harass Citizens Over Covid Or Any Other Public Health Issue

National Bureau Of Economic Research Says End Of Wisconsin Lockdown Did NOT Produce Virus Increase

Walworth County Sheriff Skips Multi-Agency Planning Meeting To March In Protest And Take A Knee

Shorewood Protest Spitter Is Walker Recall Signer, Donor To Village President

Read Mark’s Column On What It’s Like To Be A Police Officer Right Now

MUST READ: Why Obama Cronies Targeted General Flynn From The Beginning (It Was All About Iran And What Flynn Knew)

JP Morgan Report Says Covid Cases Go DOWN After Lockdowns End!

Waukesha County Judge Maria Lazar Says COVID Lockdowns Are Producing An Epidemic Of Drug Overdoses

May, 2020

Follow The Science: University Of Illinois Professors Say Healthy People Should NOT Wear Masks

Longtime Milwaukee Business Leader Dan Steininger, A COVID survivor, Says Virus Response Is An Over-Reaction

Kenosha County Ends Shutdown Immediately After Being Told Supreme Court Ruling Applies To Local Governments

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Health Commissioner Takes Leave Of Absence In Middle Of Covid Actions For Elective Surgery

Read The Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down The Stay At Home Order

UW Med School Critical Care Chief Says WHO, CDC Guidance For Treating COVID Is All Wrong; Advocates High Dose Vitamin C and D Regimen

Cancer Screenings Have Plummeted To Near Zero! (Proof Mark Was Right About Cancer Prevention Stopping Because Of COVID Over-reaction)

Watch Eric Hovde’s Open Wisconsin Now Ad

London Telegraph: Study Finds No Known Case Of A Child Passing COVID To Adult

NYC ER Doctor Treating COVID Says It’s Time To Open Up Society; Response Is Making Other Medical Conditions Worse

EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Hospital COVID Patient Count Drops Again; Aurora Down To 90 In Whole State

EXCLUSIVE: Local Hospital Chains, Clinics Begin To Lift Restrictions On Procedures Postponed Because Of COVID

EXCLSUIVE: Media Is Falsely Reporting Milwaukee Police Arrests For Violating Evers’ Order

EXCLUSIVE: State Hospital COVID Case Load Continues To Plummet

EXCLUSIVE: Aurora Begins Plans To Resume Postponed Non-COVID Procedures

New England Journal Of Medicine Details How Non-COVID Patients Are Being Denied Care Because Of Virus-Related Postponements

Fox News’ Bret Baier Reports: Virus Got Out Of Chinese Lab During China Attempts To Compete With US

EXCLUSIVE: Only 112 Covid Patients Currently Hospitalized At Aurora Hospitals In Entire State Of Wisconsin

EXCLUSIVE: 78-Year Old Genesee Man Threatened With Citation For Trying To Hike In State Park Closed By Evers

Report: Evers Administration Deliberately Fed False Data Into Models That Led To Closing Orders

Bizarre: Guy Deliberately Crashes His Exotic Porsche Into Parked Cars While Driving Insanely On Abandoned Manhattan Streets


April, 2020

On April 1, Tony Evers Said It Would Be Illegal For Him To Delay The Election (Something He Ordered April 6)

COVID-19 Rhapsody: Coronavirus Brings Freddie Back To Life (Sort Of)

The Sound Of Music In The Covid-19 Era

Former Joe Biden Senate Staffer, A Lifelong Democrat, Accuses Biden of Sexual Assault In 1993 Incident

Wisconsin Air National Guard Leader Fired

Major Development!  Scientist Who Created COVID Model Predicting Mass Death Toll Now Says He Was Wrong; Says Outbreak Will Peak And Subside In A Few Weeks; Revises Death Toll Down By 25 Times

EXCLUSIVE:  Road Rage Incident Leads To Arrest Of Former Racine Mayor John Dickert, Now A Top Official In State Revenue Department

Brookfield City Attorney Disgraces Self; Calls Absentee Voting A “Privilege,” Not A Right

EXCLUSIVE:  Bublr Bikes In Deep Financial Trouble

Is Bad Data Leading To A Terrible Over-Reaction To The China Virus?  (This article is really good)

EXCLUSIVE:  Wauwatosa City Clerk Violates State Law By Accepting Absentee Ballots By Email!

EXCLUSIVE:  Operator Of Pabst Theater, Owned By Millionaire Foundation, Seeks “Donations” For Laid Off Employees

Racine Unified Teacher Says He’s Been Ordered Not To Help Teach Kids Who Are Home Because It’s Not Fair To Other Kids Whose Teachers Won’t Do It

Here’s How Mark Voted And His Other Election Recommendations

Here’s The Link You Can Use To Schedule To Donate Blood

March, 2020

EXCLUSIVE:  State Of Wisconsin Puts Parcel Across Street From Couture Site On Market For $14 Million; Couture Project Still Virtually Certain To Progress

EXCLSUIVE: Brewers Place Restrictions On Police Carrying Guns At Miller Park

Convicted Felon Drug Dealer Is Star Player On Stritch Men’s Basketball Team

Here’s The Video Of The Wild Scene After Tyson Fury Knocked Out Deontay Wilder; Sings American Pie In The Ring

State Assembly Gives Final Approval To Probation Revocation Bill, Agrees To Eliminate Provision That Would Have Gutted Bill

EXCLUSIVE:  Dodge County Judicial Candidate Touts Endorsement Of Depraved Judge Who Gave Probation To Long-term Sexual Predator

Here’s An Excellent Piece With Data On How Texting And Driving Is So Dangerous

Democrat Goes To A Trump Rally And Is Shocked; Drops Longtime Democrat Membership

Here’s The Softest On Crime Republican  In The Wisconsin Legislature

MPS Teacher Who Tweeted It Is “Awesome” That Rush Limbaugh Has Cancer Blasted Brewer Josh Hader For His :Incredibly Offensive” Tweets

EXCLUSIVE: MPS Teacher Tweets Rush Limbaugh Should Have to Suffer From Cancer, Says “It’s Awesome That He’s Dying…”

EXCLUSIVE: Another Blow To Bayshore; Major Office Tenants Bail Out

EXCLUSIVE:  State School Boards Convention Pushes Pro-Democrat, Liberal Agenda

Mark Belling’s Brewers/Braves Walk Of Fame Ballot

February, 2020

EXCLUSIVE:  New Name For Miller Park Is “American Family Field”

Must Read City Study: Achievement Gap Between Races Is Greatest In Liberal  “Progressive” Cities, Smallest In Conservative  Ones

Bernie Sanders Field Organizer Caught On Video Saying Milwaukee Will Burn If Sanders Doesn’t Get Nomination; Defends Stalin’s Russian Gulags

EXCLUSIVE:  St. Francis Parents Whose 14-Day Old Baby Was Savagely Abused Cut Plea Deal For Probation, Misdemeanor Convictions

Spoiled Brat IRS Employees In Waukesha Reprimanded For Messing With Trump Photo

JSOnline In 2020: “Climate Change” Causes High Lake Michigan Levels

JSOnline In 2013: Low Lake Michigan Water Levels A Result Of “Climate Changed”

Here’s A List Of Local Showings Of The Pro-Life Movie “Unplanned”

EXCLUSIVE:  Man Arrested For Waukesha County Courthouse Bomb Threat Had Hearing Scheduled In Court That Morning

EXCLUSIVE: Tavern League Opposes Extended Bar Hours In Milwaukee During DNC

More Intolerance At Marquette: Bullying Liberal Prof Threatens To Dock Student’s Grade If He Doesn’t Use “Gender Inclusive” Terminology

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Felon, Free On Bail Awaiting Sentencing On A Dozen Felonies, Arrested On St. Francis Gun Charges