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Monday, December 3, 2012


NLRB Gives Total Win To Palermo’s; Rules All 75 Workers Were Properly Fired

Why Would Anyone Agree To A Ceasefire With These Monsters?

Read Governor Walker’s Letter On Declining To Set Up State Obamacare Exchange

Caught Red-Handed:  BBC And CNN Show Faked Video Of Palestinian Injuries

EXCLUSIVE:  Walker Will Not Form Wisconsin Obamacare Exchange

Watch The Official Trailer For New Movie About Veteran Honor Flights: Milwaukee Is Prominently Featured!

LIAR:  Journal-Owned Weekly Paper Claims Credit For Breaking Sussex Child Molester Story Mark Reported On Last Week!

EXCLUSIVE:   Sussex Hamilton District Finally Notifies Parents About Accused Child Molestor In School, Following Mark’s Report

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Watch Mitt Romney’s Talk At New York’s Al Smith Dinner

Read This Story And Spot The Media Bias

Wash Times Columnist: Candy Crowley Disgraced Herself

Monday, October 22, 2012

Read an Objective Analysis of The Buzz About Obama’s Ring

But…..High Resolution Image Appears To Show No Writing On Obama Ring

Racine United way Supports Anti-Palermo’s Extremist Group Voces de la Frontera

Here’s A List Of Victory Centers Where You Can Get GOP Yard Signs Or Volunteer

Watch New Republican Ad On Biden’s Laughing….And Laughing….And Laughing

The Dems Are Losing It: Party Chair DWS Says Just Because Libya Info Was Wrong Doesn’t Mean It Was False

New Berlin School Bus Driver Who Said 12-Year Old Romney Supporter Should Have been Aborted Is Fired, Following Report On Mark’s Show

Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn:  “Every Businessman In America I Know Is Afraid Of Barack Obama And The Way He Thinks”

Legendary Ex-General Electric CEO Continues To Allege New Job Report Is “Implausible”

Caught On Video: Obama Campaign Official Helps Person Vote Twice

Obama’s Hypocrisy On New Orleans And Katrina

Read Mitt Romney’s Major Foreign Policy Address

Obama’s Most Used Debate Word?  “Uh”

Listen To Adele’s New James Bond Song: “Skyfall”

Hillarious:  Illinois Senate Candidate Debunks Obamacare in One Sentence

Watch Obama’s Racially Charged Speech from 2008 Campaign; Praises Racist Jeremiah Wright, Speaks In Atypical Dialect

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Typical Obama Voter:  Says He Gave Her A Phone

Video “We Are Hungry:” Michelle Obama Is Starving Kids

Finally: Tommy Runs Ad Labeling Baldwin As “Extreme”

Obama “Explains” How Debt Got So High; But Doesn’t Know How High It Is

Watch 2016, The Documentary On Obama’s Real Plans

List Of Wisconsin Theatres Showing 2016

Capitol Creeps Protest 9/11 Anniversary By Holding US Flag Upside Down

Leftist J-S Reporter Jan Uebelherr Calls Bill O’Reilly A “Bully” And “***hole”

Watch New GOP Ad: “Breakup With Obama”

Democrats Try To Vote Against God And Jerusalem But Bosses Won’t Let Them

Longtime State Capitol Employee Cites Harassment By Protestor “Segway Boy” Jeremy Ryan; Police Seek Criminal Charges


Tuesday, August 6, 2012

Watch Condoleezza Rice’s RNC Speech

Watch 2016, The Documentary On Obama’s Real Plans

List Of Wisconsin Theatres Showing 2016

New “Commercial:”  The Most Arrogant Man In The World

Waukesha County DA Questions Latest Tactics In Milwaukee John Doe Probe Of Governor Walker

Pro-Obama Protestor Spits On Appleton Romney Supporter: Watch Video

No Surprise Here: Madison’s Most Dangerous Intersection Is A Roundabout!

Join The Fight To Stop Barrett’s Moronic Streetcar

Check Out Great Photos Of The Romney-Ryan Waukesha Rally

Rush, Sean Most Listened To Talk Hosts In America…..By A Landslide

Watch The Romney-Ryan Homecoming Rally In Waukesha

George Will: Romney’s Selection Of Ryan Is “Presidential;” Calls Obama Ad “Sociopathic”

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tammy Baldwin Raising Big Money In San Francisco Gay Community

Delafield Summer Theatre Makes Fun Of The Bible

Governor Walker Responds To Lawmakers’ Questions About Walworth County Neglect Case

Seven Walworth County State Legislators Demand Answers On Soft Sentence, Custody Decision, For East Troy Woman Whose Neglect Led To Infant Twins’ Death

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Thompson Campaign To Re-Edit Anti-Hovde Ad After Mark’s Criticism

Liberal Humor:  Comedian Kathy Griffin Calls Sarah Palin’s 17-Year Old Daughter A “Dirty Whore”


Game On: Neumann Blasts Hovde As “Phony” Conservative Who Backed Bailouts

$379,000 A Year Biden Calls Himself Middle Class


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bye Bye Blackberry

Former Brewers Announcer Fired For Refusing To Be A Bum

SHOCKING:  Waukesha County Court Commissioner Applicant Brags That Mark Calls Her An Expert On Aiding Help Child Molesters Escape Punishment

Read The Obamacare Ruling And The Dissent

Thursday, June 28, 2012

PROOF: Menomonee Falls RINOs, Led By Jeskewitz, Are Trying To Oust Conservative Assemblyman Don Pridemore

MSNBC Edits Mitt Romney Speech To Make Him Look Silly

A Typical Madison Lefty Talks: Must See Viewing

Perennial Gloom And Doom Economist Turns Optimistic; Says Wisconsin Recall Vote A National Turning Point

Actual Photo Of Shorewood House On Election Day

Actual Photo Of Same Shorewood House Day After Election

Wisconsin “Taxpayer” Thanks The Recallers

Liberal Harvard Law Prof Dershowitz Says Trayvon Case Prosecutor Trying To Silence Him For Criticism Of Her Ethics

What A Surprise!  Post-Recall AFSCME Rally In Milwaukee Turns Violent

Hilarious Stuff: Election Night On MSNBC

Proof The Recall Really Is Over: The Fat Lady Has Sung

Hilarious Stuff:  Madison Fruitcakes Freak out Day After They Lose The Election; Miles “Beer Dumper” Kristan Blocks CNN Van

Poor Baby: Madison Liberal Goes On CNN And Bawls His Head Off

Liberals Fill Twitter With Walker Death Threats

Bitter Liberal Slaps Barrett In Face For Losing

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fruitcake Alert: Madison Liberals Meditate and Om Last Night To Defeat Walker

Final Poll By Public Policy Polling Shows Walker With Small Lead

Tiger’s Back!  Watch His Miracle Shot At The Memorial

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama Criticized For Hogging Credit For Bin-Laden Killing

Wisconsin Democrat Party Spokesman Compares Attending Republican Convention To Being Raped

Great Speech On Senate Floor By Senator Ron Johnson On America Having No Budget For Three Years

Not A Parody: UW-Madison Dean Begs Students Not To Attend Mifflin Street Block Party

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Speech On Senate Floor By Senator Ron Johnson On America Having No Budget For Three Years

Not A Parody: UW-Madison Dean Begs Students Not To Attend Mifflin Street Block Party

Senator Ron Johnson’s Eloquent Defense Of His No Votes On Spending Bills; Denies “Showboating”

Lefty Shorewood Saves $$$$$ By Dumping WEA Trust!

Milwaukee Is Next:  Light Rail Kills Restaurant In St. Paul

Dem Spokesman Zielinski, In Lefty Publication, Admits Collective Bargaining Issue Not Hurting Walker; Dems Will Instead Focus On “Secret” John Doe

New Report Says Barrett Also Proposed To Limit Collective Bargaining For Government Workers

Obama Delivers Exact Same Speech Ripping Ryan Plan As He Did In 2011

ENTIRE News Staff Of Ozaukee News-Graphic Signed Walker Recall

On-Air Milwaukee TV News Anchor Signed Walker Recall Petition

CBS 58 Reporter Who Signed Recall Petition Reported Brazenly Biased Story On Recall

Madison Police Detective Admits He Ignored Armed Robbery Case Because Resources Diverted To Capitol Protests

Confirmed: This WTMJ Reporter Signed The Walker Recall Petition

Sussex Hamilton School Board Member Who Misspelled Name And Lied About Recall Petition Loses In A Landslide

Trenni Says She “Doesn’t Follow Politics,” But Signed Recall Anyway

HYPOCRITES: Channel 4 Criticized Reporters For Gannett Who Signed Recall Petitions, One Week Before Admitting Their Reporters Signed

WTMJ/Channel 4 Says Several Staffers Signed Walker Recall, But Will Not Name Them

WTMJ’s Trenni Kusnierek Tweets, Sort Of, About Signing Walker Recall

Watch “Whitewater Mary” On National TV “Fox and Friends”

Sussex School Board Member Spelled Name Wrong Last Year AND This Year On Separate Recall Petitions!!

EXCLUSIVE: Another Sussex Official, Trustee Tim Dietrich, Signs Recall With Misspelled Name, AFTER Signing It With His Correct Name!!

Here’s The Database To Search For Names On The Walker Recall Petitions