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May 2022

Here Is The New State Assembly District Map In Effect For 2022

Here Is The New State Senate District Map In Effect For 2022

Here Is Thew New Wisconsin Congressional District Map In Effect For 2022

Former State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly May Seek To Return To Court; Justice Roggensack’s Daughter May Not Run

Police Body Cam Video Shows Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson’s Brother Refuse Police Orders As They Attempt To Arrest Him For Alleged Shooting  (No Milwaukee Media Will Cover This Story)

Mark Is Named To Talkers Magazine “Heavy Hundred” List Of Nation’s Most Important Talk Show Hosts (AGAIN)

EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Thompson, Tim Michels Agree Only One Of Them Will Run For Governor

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Mega-Donor Diane Hendricks is pushing Tommy Thompson To Run For Governor

Read Mark’s Analysis Of The April 5 Wisconsin Election Results (It Was A Very Good Day)

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Police Union Refuses To Endorse Pro-Cop Mayoral Candidate Bob Donovan

Here’s The Gableman Report On The Fouled Up 2020 Wisconsin Election

Children’s Hospital Draws National Attention For Vicious Treatment Of Employees And Denial Of Their Religious Freedom


March 2022 

It’s All Mom And Dad’s Fault; Are Millennials So Cavalier About Freedom Because Of How Boomers Raised Them?

Kevin Nails It! GOP Candidate For Governor Explains Why Wisconsin Election Law Violations Can’t Be Swept Under Rug

Watch Sen. Ron Johnson’s New Ad Criticizing Media’s Pro-Biden Bias

Hypocritical Legislative Republicans Push “Fake” Bail Crackdown Constitutional Amendment

Read Mark’s Newspaper Column: GOP Bosses, Vos Blow Off Party’s Voters

Appleton Democrat State Assemblyman Says If Parents Want A Say In Their Kids’ Education, They Should Home School

Quality Of Care Collapses At La Crosse-Based Hospital Chain After Workers Fired For Vax Refusal

Salena Zito On Why Penzey’s “Republicans Are Racists” Campaign Has Fallen Flat

How Great Was That??  Watch Nathan Chen’s Gold Medal Winning “Rocket Man” Free Skate

Sheboygan County Republican Party Demands Resignation Of Robin Vois As Assembly Speaker (GOP Grassroots Revolt Is On)

Here’s How To Donate Funds To Preserve Walker Recall Signer Database

Four Women Say Milwaukee Anti-Cop Activist Frank “Nitty” Sexually Assaulted Them, But He Still Isn’t Charged

EXCLUSIVE: Speaker Vos, GOP Leadership, Can’t Back Up Claim That Rep. Ramthun Spread “Misinformation” About Vos

EXCLUSIVE: Close Wisconsin Trump Ally Likely To Enter GOP Race For Governor; Who Will Trump Endorse?