2016 Archived Links

December 2016

UW-Whitewater Holds Month-Long “Relaxathon” For Stressed Out Snowflake Wimpy Students

Watch Video Of Astonishing Pre-Thanksgiving Traffic Jam On LA’s Infamous 405

See What Sanctimonious Penzey’s Employees Say About Working For Him

Phony Penzey Says We’re Racist?  Look Where His Stores Are

Check Out The Loving, Tolerant Anti-Hate Left Tangling With Vicki McKenna (Caution: vulgar language)

The Madison and Milwaukee Anti-Trump Protestors Were A Lot Uglier Than TV and Newspapers Told You

Hilarious Parody: Save A Millennial Fund

Liberal Muslim Woman Explains Why She Voted For Trump 

Crybaby Oshkosh City Council Member Refuses To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance Day After Trump Won

Christian University President Tells Snowflake Students University Is Not A Day Care

Elmbrook Principals Exaggerate Post-Election Bullying, Send Out Identical Letters Claiming Harassment!


November 2016

Watch This:  Undercover Journalist Wearing Burka Claims She Is Huma Abedin And Is Offered Ballot To Vote

Final Ron Johnson Ad Perfectly Summarizes Feingold’s 34 Year Career Of Phoniness

EXCLUSIVE: Accused Killer of Sheriff’s Deputy Violated Probation Three Months Ago Yet Department Of Corrections Did Nothing

Arrowhead, Franklin And Others Pay Ultra-High Teacher Salaries While Pursuing Tax Hike Referendums

Watch The Anti-Feingold Ad Channel 12 Refuses To Run

Milwaukee Bucks Mock National Anthem With Black Lives Matter Protest

Undercover Video Exposes Major Democrat Operative Explaining How To Commit Vote Fraud In Wisconsin

Powerful Sermon From Phoenix Catholic Priest: Voting For Pro-Abortion Politicians Endangers Your Soul

The Real Story Behind Why Aaron Rodgers And Brett Favre Hate Each Other

Environmentalist Hypocrites:  MMSD Dumps Far More Sewage Than All Farm Runoff Combined

Hidden Video: Russ Feingold Says Hillary Clinton May Issue Executive Order On Guns

Trump Cleans Clinton’s Clock: Watch The Full Town Hall Debate


October 2016

Must Watch Video:  Three Intruders Break Into Home In Georgia, Resident Shoots In Gunfight

Watch And Listen To The New Superstar Country Anthem “Forever Country”

Mark Accuses Journal Sentinel Of Blatant Bias In Coverage Of Walker Paint Industry Donations

Arrogance Out Of Control: Arrowhead School Board members Give Selves Raise As Reward For Raising Taxes

Washington Post: J-S Columnist James Causey Is Inaccurate And Copies Work Of Others

Pure Racist Hate: Black Facebook Posters Threaten Police Officer

Bucks’ Jabari Parker Describes Growing Up Amid Violence In Chicago And How He Got Out

How Scam PACs Hijacked Tea Party Movement With Sleazeballs Like Dan Backer And Paul Nehlen

African American Milwaukee Police Officer Says He’s Hated Because He’s A Cop

Watch The Video the Media Won’t Show: Black Rioters Target Whites For Beatings

Read Buzzfeed’s Outstanding Profile of Clinton Rape Victim Juanita Broaddrick


August 2016

For Those In Denial About Muslim Terrorism, Check Out The List Of Attacks In 2016

Brewers Fan Makes Play Of Year

Amazing Ark Encounter Theme Park Opens Today (July 7)

Bill O’Reilly Alleges Obama Has Deep Emotional Ties To Islam


July 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Governor Walker Names Daniel Kelly To Wisconsin Supreme Court

Watch Hillary Lie Five Times About Emails

Millennial Says His Generation Sucks

The Amazing Story Of Thon Maker

If You Think TV News Is Bad In Milwaukee, Check Out The Wausau Weather Dork

Muskego Cemetery Looks Like Blighted Pig Sty

Shocking ABC News Video: San Jose Police Do Nothing While Mob Violently Attacks Trump Supporters

VIDEO:  Anti-Trump Goons Attack Pro-Trump Woman; Pelted With Eggs, Taunted  And Threatened

Epic Screw-up:  Female Voiceover Plays While Gay Chorus Tries To Sing National Anthem

Washington Post Poll: 90 Percent of Native Americans Are Not Offended By “Redskins” Team Name 

Milwaukee’s Iconic Leon’s Custard Gets National Attention For Alleged Anti-Latino Racism

Here’s The First Transgender Locker Room

Sex Offender Fights For 16 Years To Get Released; Accused Of Rape One Month After He’s released.  Read The Court File 

EXCLUSIVE: State Fair Director Suspended, Likely To Be Fired This Afternoon

Read This Well-Balanced In-Depth National Profile Of Sheriff David Clarke

Here’s The Company Behind Arrowhead’s Phony Survey To Build Support for A Referendum

Watch Christian Singer Micah Tyler’s Hilarious Millennial Parody

EXCLUSIVE:  Prominent Milwaukee School Principal Faces Child Sexual Charges

Anti-Panhandler Duels With Panhandler In Appleton

It’s Worse Than You Think: Check Out This Millennial Male Anthem


April 2016

UW-Milwaukee Basketball Play By Play Announcer Quits; Calls Athletic Director Amanda Braun Incompetent

Mark And Other Wisconsin Conservatives Agree: Ryan Won’t Run For President

EXCLUSIVE: Paul McCartney to Headline Summerfest July 8

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee County DA Investigating Attempted Prescription Diversion At Milwaukee VA Hospital

Muskego Denies School Superintendent Has Ever Commented Favorably On School Referendum!

Dissident Says Obama Is Rewarding A Brutal Regime That Systematically Violates Human Rights

Fan Saves Kid Who Wasn’t Paying Attention From Being Struck By Flying Bat

Read Mark’s Column On The BIG LIE School Officials Tell To Pass Their Referendum Questions

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Air And Water Show Cancelled

Milwaukee. Here’s Your Future: Atlanta Streetcar Ridership Crashes Now That It’s No Longer Free

Pass This On—Hillary For Prison; A Compilation Of Scandal After Scandal

January, 2016

Mark’s exclusive: Republican Congressman Reid Ribble not running for reelection

Johnson Controls’ Molinaroli Isn’t Getting $20 Million For Merger Deal; It’s Closer To $100 Million!!

Brilliant Piece In Observer Explains Depth of Hillary’s Email Betrayal