2015 Archived Links

December 2015

What Would The WIAA Say About This?

Mark’s Mexikoma  Wins Sunshine Millions Classic At Gulfstream Park

ESPN’s Jay Bilas Ridicules WIAA With Tweets Mocking Anti-Cheering Policy

Basketball Player Suspended For Standing Up To WIAA Bullies

Sticks And Stones: We Were Better Off When We Let Kids Be Offended

Milwaukee, Here’s Your Future:  Edmonton’s Light Rail System Is A Disaster

Netflix Show Defending Murderer Steven Avery Excludes Facts That Pointed To His Guilt

This Wouldn’t Have Happened If Donald Trump Still Ran Miss Universe: Biggest Pageant Foul-Up Ever???

Can It Get Any Worse On Campus?  Yale Students Sign Petition To Repeal First Amendment

Here’s An Excellent Summary Of “The Play” In Detroit

Watch Incredible Video From Fan In Stands Of Rodgers’ Miracle Pass

Chart Evaluates Wisconsin Judges On Sentencing Harshness/Leniency

Read the Actual Offer The Striking Kohler Workers Rejected

Is the Plensa Sculpture in Shorewood Filled with Anti-Semitic Slurs?

EXCLUSIVE: Mequon Schools Superintendent To Oversee MPS Opportunity Schools

Idiot Protestors At Milwaukee Debate Burn American Flag

CCW Holder In Chicago Kills Robber Who Took Hostage

Here’s What Passes For “Education” At UW-Eau Claire: “Recipe For A Vagina”

October 2015

Halloween Store At State Fair Park Sells Mask With Governor Walker Stabbed In Head

Look At The Liberal Propaganda Being Taught In Local Catholic Schools

Walworth County College Proposes To Punish Veteran For Exposing Fake “Marine”

EXCLUSIVE: RNC Chair Reince Priebus Urges Paul Ryan To Seek Speakership

State Road Builders Get In Bed With Enemy; Host Fundraiser For Tammy Baldwin!

Here Are The Legislative Sellouts Who Want To Go Soft On Juvenile Crime

UW-La Crosse Dorm Director Defends Sending Out Lurid Email About Making Women **** Without Using Your ****

EXCLUSIVE: Drug House Allegedly Operated By Milwaukee City Employee Was In Foreclosure To A State Agency

Milwaukee Native Sets Five Track World Records…..At Age 100!

Waukesha County Emergency Management Video Goes to Hell; Uses Lucifer Image

Here’s A Close Up Of Waukesha County’s Lucifer Phone

Liberal Pundit Jeff Greenfield Says Obama Has Been A Disaster For Democrats

Watch The Newest Planned Parenthood Video: They Brag About Getting Intact Fetuses 

August 2015

Targets Of John Doe Tell Story To Wall Street Journal

Interesting From The Washington Post: How The Packers Make So Much Money In Green Bay

Here’s Your Future, Milwaukee:  You Can Run Faster Than Riding Charlotte’s New Streetcar

Read The Opinion: Wisconsin Supreme Court Shuts Down The John Doe Witch Hunt, Calls It Illegal

July 2015

Hidden Video: Top National Official Of Planned Parenthood Caught On Video Trafficking In Sale Of Body Parts From Aborted Babies

Milwaukee Man Whips Boy Who Stole Wallet  (Warning: Graphic and unconfirmed)

Oops!  ABC News Predicted Seven Years Ago NYC Would Be Under Water And Gas Over $9  A Gallon By 2015

Great Read:  Liberal Professor Says Politically Correct College Students “Scare” Him; Fearful They’ll Accuse Him of Sexism, Racism Or Some Other Grievance

EXCLUSIVE:   Associated Bank, Wisconsin’s Largest, Implicated By HUD In Mortgage Red-lining

June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Wauwatosa Alderman Spends City Council Meeting On Facebook, Says He Wants To Shoot A Gun During Meeting

Latest Iowa Poll: They Hate Bush And Love Walker

Wisconsin Fire Chief Urges That Governor Walker Be Hit With A Shovel

Former Aide Accuses Senator Tammy Baldwin Of Ethics Violations And Cover-Up

April 2015

Autographed Jay Cutler Football. Priceless? No, Worthless.

Read Kevin Williamson’s Brilliant Piece On The Left’s Use Of Bigotry Allegations To Silence Conservatives

Study Shows Wisconsin State And Local Governments Could Save A Fortune By Dropping Prevailing Wage For Government Contracts

Caught On Video: University Dean offers To Fund Islamic State Chapter On Campus

Title: Hilarious Video Of Obama Failing To Show Up For Obamacare Event

Read Politico’s Examination Of Jeb Bush’s “Talk Radio Problem”

EXCLUSIVE: Summerfest Likely To Open One Day Early For Epic Rolling Stones Concert

Unrivaled, Three Year Old Horse Co-Owned By Mark, Explodes From Far Back To Win; May Be On Derby Trail

Are The Rolling Stones Coming To Milwaukee?

Waukesha County Technical College Students Required To Take Test On “White Privilege”

March 2015

Homestead High School Drops Final Exams; Says Students Will Be “Assessed” Instead

Channel 4 News Director Finally Explains Botched Reporting On Right To Work,  Rips Mark For Making Fun Of Addled Reporter

Channel 4 Reporter Thinks Right To Work “Bans Employees From Joining A Union”

Who Says Wisconsin Schools Are Broke?  Look At Arrowhead’s New Basketball Locker Room

What A Surprise (Not): Atlanta’s New Streetcar Is Over Budget And Under Rider Estimates

Read Major New York Times Profile Of Bo Ryan And His Platteville Background

West Allis Hale Assignment Says Republicans Don’t Want To Help The Poor

West Bend Student Journalist Breaks Story Of High School Cheating Scandal

Watch The Liberal Tripe Marquette Business Majors Are Required To Watch 


January 2015

Read Rush Limbaugh’s Tribute To Whitefish Bay Native “Kit” Carson

Is Marquette Now Soviet Russia? Read Shocking Bullying Of Professor For Daring To Call Out An Instructor

Democrat Assemblyman Blasts Business in His District As Unsafe; All In Retaliation For Opposing Streetcar

Boehner Quotes All 22 Times Obama Said He Couldn’t Change Immigration Laws Himself

New Poll Of Military Attitudes Shows Obama Wildly Unpopular Among Troops

Watch The Jordan McCabe Highlight Reel (Freak Freshman From Kaukauna)

EXCLUSIVE: Governor walker To Scrap Longtime State Economic Agency

Here’s the Info On The Petition To Stop Barrett’s Milwaukee Streetcar

Government Accountability Board Agents Continued Investigation Even After Judges Ordered Halt!

Brilliant Reporting: Breitbart News Proves Lena Dunham’s Allegation Of Being Raped By A “Republican” Is A Lie