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Kenosha County Ends Shutdown Immediately After Being Told Supreme Court Ruling Applies To Local Governments

Kenosha County Ends Shutdown Immediately After Being Told Supreme Court Ruling Applies To Local Governments
By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

Kenosha County officials dramatically withdrew their Stay At Home order for the county in the middle of last night’s county board meeting, saying county officials were told by the Wisconsin Counties Association that the Wednesday State Supreme Court ruling applies to local communities as well as the state.

Here is a link to a statement posted last night on Kenosha County’s website:

The Counties Association, on its website, addresses the situation with local communities without directly saying the high court ruling requires and immediate suspension of local lockdown orders. After the court Wednesday ruled that the Evers Administration’s shutdown order was illegal and invalid, some local communities began imposing their own.

The Supreme Court ruling stated that Wisconsin Statute 252, which the Evers team used, cannot be used to impose orders that have not been approved by a legislative body. None of the local lockdown orders were approved by legislative bodies either and therefore seem similarly illegal.

In Milwaukee County, 18 local health administrators issued their order after a late night tele-conference that appears to be a violation of the state open meetings law. No member of the public was told of the conference in advance and no one was allowed to listen in.

Other orders from around the state appear to have been issued in the same tyrannical method. Kenosha County is the first to withdraw its order. Franklin Mayor Steve Olson tells me his community will not enforce the Milwaukee County order.

It is possible somebody may seek a court injunction blocking the communities that have not taken the orders down from enforcing them.

Mark Belling
May 15

EXCLUSIVE: State Hospital COVID Case Load Continues To Plummet

By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

While virtually all hospital companies and clinics in Wisconsin continue their halt most treatments and procedures for non-COVID patients, data out today shows that the actual number of hospitalized COVID patients in the state continues to plummet.

Figures from the State Department of Health Services released today show 373 patients with COVID in all of the hospitals in the state combined. That’s down 33 from 406 yesterday. Wisconsin hospitals have just under 13,000 total beds. Many procedures, treatments and appointments for people who have conditions other than COVID have been called off because of fears the virus would overwhelm the healthcare system. Instead, it’s barely made a dent.

The Medical College of Wisconsin is the latest to tell employees of coming layoffs and furloughs. MCW has most non-COVID appointments on hold, causing a loss of revenue and no need for many workers. In the meantime, the actual in-patient COVID caseloads continue to drop.

Advocate Aurora, the state’s largest hospital company, has seen a similar drop in its COVID patient load. All of the Aurora hospitals in the state have a combined COVID in-patient count of 96. That’s down 25 percent since I first reported on Aurora’s numbers last week. Aurora has hospitals all over the state of Wisconsin and many have zero COVID patients. Yet Aurora has canceled procedures everywhere. In fact, Aurora’s stats indicate the entire health care system and its physicians are treating only 668 current cases either in or out of the hospital.

The numbers not only indicate the Wisconsin hospital census for COVID patients is declining but that such patients now are using only a very small minority of the rooms in hospitals. There seems to be no justification for halting all other procedures.

Sources indicate that among the procedures being put on hold in some physician practices are child vaccinations. This could lead to outbreaks of communicable diseases among kids. A myriad of other procedures including joint replacements, colonoscopies, mental health treatment, heart tests and other procedures have been put on hold. Virtually no physical exams or lab tests are being done. Mammograms and prostate screenings are on hold. All of these decisions were made in anticipation of a COVID spike that did not materialize.

Now that it is clear there will be no spike, it seems insane that non-COVID procedures remain off limits

Mark Belling
April 21

EXCLUSIVE: Aurora Begins Plans To Resume Postponed Non-COVID Procedures

EXCLUSIVE: Aurora Begins Plans To Resume Postponed Non-COVID Procedures
By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

Only days after I reported that COVID-19 patients are making up only a tiny percentage of the current population at Advocate Aurora hospitals in Wisconsin, the company is beginning plans to resume procedures for non-COVID patients.

I have learned a number of Aurora physicians were told late last week the company is preparing to resume non-COVID procedures, although no date has been given. A myriad of critical procedures have been postponed including knee and hip replacements, physical exams, cancer screening, many outpatient cancer treatments, colonoscopies, pain management and a number of other serious procedures. Many of these were postponed in fear of hospitals being overrun with COVID patients. In fact, according to today’s figures, there are only 373 COVID patients in all hospitals in Wisconsin combined.

Most mainstream media outlets have chosen not to report on the shrinking COVID patient load, even as many people complain about they’re being denied access to health care. The question isn’t even being raised by reporters to Governor Evers’ Health Secretary Andrea Palm. Many doctors at Aurora and other large chains are furious about the orders to stop seeing patients and suspend procedures. Many hospital chains have laid off staff even as the anticipated surge of COVID patients failed to materialize.

Mark Belling
April 20

EXCLUSIVE: Another Blow To Bayshore; Major Office Tenants Bail Out

EXCLUSIVE: Another Blow To Bayshore; Major Office Tenants Bail Out
By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

A number of businesses housed in offices at the embattled Bayshore Town Center in Glendale are moving out as their landlord indicates it is not renewing its lease. The Regus Group leases space in the Bayshore building above Trader Joe’s at Silver Spring and Port Washington. A number of small businesses lease from Regus. Regus is telling those businesses it has decided not to renew its lease with Bayshore and is leaving the mall complex in a few weeks.

Regus is moving some of the clients to the Park Place center on the far northwest side and others will be moved to other office sites.

One of the things propping up Bayshore is the number of non-retail businesses that are located at the site above retail stores. If they start to move out, Bayshore’s owners will not only face a cash shortfall, but there will be fewer people on the property to patronize the remaining stores and restaurants.

Bayshore has been struggling for the past two years and a number of its tenants have moved out. The vacancy rate is soaring. Bayshore’s owners have received a significant subsidy from Glendale to try to re-invent the complex with senior housing and more office space to make up for the departure of the retail and restaurant operators. Regus’ decision to move may question the viability of that.

Mark Belling
February 3

EXCLUSIVE: St. Francis Parents Whose 14-Day Old Baby Was Savagely Abused Cut Plea Deal For Probation, Misdemeanor Convictions

By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

Because authorities say they cannot prove which parent did the abuse, a St. Francis couple, whose 14-day old baby who was terribly abused in January of last year, will plead guilty to misdemeanor charges and avoid prison.

Jessica D. Groen, 38, and Tyler J. Lamb, 33, both of St. Francis, were charged in January of last year of multiple counts of child neglect after their baby was taken to a hospital emergency room with multiple serious injuries. The 16-page doctor’s report indicated the baby had multiple fractures, facial bruising and abrasions, oral trauma, abrasions to both palms, blood blisters and blood in the eye.

But prosecutors say neither Lamb nor Groen would admit to the abuse but both acknowledged they saw evidence of the child’s injuries before taking the baby to the hospital. Deputy Milwaukee County District Attorney Matthew Torbenson tells me he did not believe he could prove which parent did the violent acts and therefore can’t charge either of them. Torbenson said both parents adamantly deny abusing the child. However, Torbenson acknowledged their response were occasionally implausible including their insistence that the baby’s face was bruised at birth. Torbenson acknowledged that would be impossible.

The plea deal reached with Groen and Lamb has them pleading guilty to four misdemeanor counts of child neglect but neither will face any charges for the injuries themselves or knowledge the baby was being abused.

I asked Torbenson why he didn’t simply charge both parents with abuse and the prosecutor said that would be improver because he didn’t believe he could prove either charge because neither of the parents implicated the other.

The plea deal will include a recommendation to Judge Frederick Rosa that both Lamb and Groen receive probation and extended supervision, but no prison time. Torbenson said the parents will be able to seek custody of the abused child after the period of supervision ends.

Here is a link to a Fox6 report on the original charges from January of last year:

Mark Belling
January 13

Mark Endorses Several Charities For Hurricane Florence Relief

All of the following charities are faith-based..  All three are currently raising money for Florence relief and the links below take you directly to the fundraising pages.  I’m sure there are other worthwhile groups but I can recommend these three.  They are listed in no particular order.
Samaritan’s Purse:

Knights of Columbus:

Catholic Charities:

EXCLUSIVE: Tent City Continues To Grow In Milwaukee East Of Marquette Campus

EXCLUSIVE: Tent City Continues To Grow East Of Marquette Campus

A makeshift “tent city” is continuing to grow on a large piece of land under the Marquette Interchange’s many overpasses. When I visited the site this morning there were two Milwaukee police squads and a Marquette Police squad. Marquette Police tell me the area is within their patrol zone even though it is not actually on the Marquette campus. Police say they are doing outreach with the people living there. Nobody, other than the police, appear to be paying much attention and there have been no attempts to force the squatters to move.

I counted between 15 and 25 tents or contraptions but the property sprawls for blocks and there are obviously no actual boundaries. Most of the land appears to be right of way owned by the state because it is under the freeway. Similar tent cities of illegal immigrants and/or street people have popped up in other cities and there are hundreds of tents in cities like San Francisco. I did not invade any of the personal space of the tent occupants so I can’t tell you who is living in them. The Milwaukee media has been looking the other way and refusing to report on this site even as the number of tens gets larger every day. The following is a video, shot by me with an iPhone, of some of the site:

Mark Belling
Friday, September 14

EXCLUSIVE: Sex Criminal Given Soft Sentence By Dallet Taken Into Custody Thursday Night

I have learned that 72-year old Donald B. Skenandore, the convicted sex criminal whose lenient sentence has become a major issue in the current Wisconsin Supreme Court election, was arrested and taken into custody Thursday evening (March 29) outside a bar and restaurant on West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee near the James Lovell intersection. He was apparently taken in for a violation of the terms of the extended supervision handed to him in Dallet’s controversial 2011 sentence.

Skenandore pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to attempted sexual assault of a child under 13 but was given a mere two years in prison, plus five years of extended supervision after that by Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet. That sentence has been the subject of a critical ad run by a state business group that backs Dallet’s opponent. Only hours before Skenandore was taken into custody, his relatives criticized the ad contending it served to identify Skenandore’s victims.

Milwaukee County jail records indicate Skenandore is on a “hold.” That language is usually used when someone on probation or supervision has violated a major condition of release. State Department of Corrections officials have not responded to my inquiries about what Skenandore did to get thrown back in jail. Eyewitnesses tell me two Milwaukee police squads took him into custody last evening near a restaurant and two hotels on West Wisconsin.

Mark Belling
March 30
11:30 am

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