EXCLUSIVE: Man Accused Of Attempting To Kill Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer Is Free On A Signature Bond!

By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

Even given the often scandalously low bail set by some lenient Wisconsin judges and court commissioners, a case from northern Wisconsin seems to be a poster child for the crisis of low bail.

The defendant, Mark Szczerba II of Kansasville in Racine County, is facing multiple felony charges including attempted homicide, for allegedly trying to kill a DNR Warden in Crandon in Forest County in northern Wisconsin.

Forest County Circuit Judge Leon Stenz has allowed Szczerba to remain free on a $10,000 signature bond while his case crawls through the court system in  Forest County.  A signature bond means Szczerba is free without having to put up any cash.   The no cash bond was set on the recommendation of the prosecutor in the case.  The DNR warden, whose name is being withheld in court records, testified at the bail hearing that he wanted substantial cash bail for Szczerba and cited Marsy’s Law, which establishes rights for crime victims, as the basis for his request.  The warden’s plea was blown off by the judge.

Szczerba has several convictions for disorderly conduct on his criminal record.

According to the criminal complaint in the attempted homicide case, Szczerba was at his cabin in Forest County and was riding after dark with his daughter and girlfriend in two UTVs.  The warden pulled the daughter over for speeding.  The complaint states that Szczerba intervened and got confrontational with the warden.

The warden said he feared for his life and that Szczerba attacked and tried to strangle him.  The warden fired a taser shot at Szczerba and struck him.  Officers from several other jurisdictions responded after the warden requested backup.

Szczerba was charged with attempted homicide and other felonies in August of last year.  The judge, Stenz, allowed him to remain free on the signature bond.  The case is moving extremely slowly in Forest County.  A hearing was held earlier this month but the case is not set for trial until October.  In the meantime, Szczerba remains free without having to put up a penny.

Perhaps if he had succeeded in killing the warden, the authorities in Forest County might have actually made him put up some money.

Mark Belling

March 18, 2024

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