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Janesville School District Promotes Devil Worshipping Holiday In Which A Demon Assaults Kids Before St. Nicholas Comes

Janesville School District Promotes Devil Worshipping Holiday In Which A Demon Assaults Kids Before St. Nicholas Comes
By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

The employee newsletter sent to Janesville school district employees urges the celebration tomorrow of something called “Krampusnacht,” a holiday in which a horned demon goes door to door physically assaulting children. The website devoted to the day says it is to be celebrated December 5, the day before the Feast of St. Nicholas which is the beginning of the Christmas season in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Here’s the link the Janesville district provides:


District spokesman Patrick Gasper says the newsletter was sent only to teachers and other employees and that the district is not requiring teachers to honor the day in school. The district calendar includes no references on marking Hanukkah or Christmas. The only religious day in December that is featured is the day of the drunk demon who goes after kids. The link further encourages adults to do a lot of drinking on Krampusnacht.

Mark Belling
December 4, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Federal Grand Jury Inquiry Is Underway Into Corruption In Milwaukee City Government; Aldermen Are In Crosshairs

By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

A federal grand jury is investigating corruption in Milwaukee city government with at least two, and potentially more, members of the Common Council involved.

It is unclear how expansive the probe is but part of the focus is on potentially illegal attempts to induce elected officials to deliver public policy decisions. Federal grand jury investigations are led by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and are secret. They normally include investigations by the FBI. But word of this probe is getting as out as the investigation appears to be advanced and a number of individuals have already been questioned.

The entire common council is up for reelection early next year and the filing period to take out nominating papers begins in a few weeks. It is possible that aldermen linked to the probe will not for reelection. This would set off a local political frenzy as council jobs are considered golden with many aldermen serving for decades. They pay is currently $82,000 a year and Mayor Cavalier Johnson wants to jack it up to $94,000. In addition, the pension and other benefits are lavish and laws governing the use of campaign contributions are loose. In other words, these are great gigs.

Over the last several decades, there have been multiple investigations of Milwaukee aldermen and several major criminal convictions. The most recent, involving former Alderman Chantia Lewis, was a state investigation led by the Milwaukee County District Attorney. But most of the others were federal including probes that led to the convictions of Aldermen Michael McGee Jr., Jeff Pawlinski, Rosa Cameron and Paul Henningsen. The most recent conviction was of former Alderman Willie Wade who served four months in prison in connection with a broad investigation into the strip bar chain known as Silk.

Almost all of these corruption cases related, in one way or another, to aldermen receiving money from persons seeking to get what they wanted from the city, or cases of misuse of campaign contributions for personal matters. It is believed the current probe is along those lines.

As no one has been charged, I am not naming any of the officials who appear to be subjects of the investigation. It is common for subjects to eventually be notified by the feds and in some cases the targets become cooperative. That could happen here.

Rumors have circulated for years about which Milwaukee aldermen are being bought off and every decade or so some seem to get caught and convicted.

Mark Belling
November 10, 2023