Shorewood Protest Spitter Is Walker Recall Signer, Donor To Village President

By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

Stephanie Rapkin, the Shorewood attorney arrested twice over the weekend after confrontations with protesters, is an activist liberal in the community who signed the Scott Walker recall petition and donated to liberal Supreme Court candidate JoAnn Kloppenburg and Shorewood Village President Allison Rozek.

Rapkin, when applying for a vacant seat on the Shorewood Village Board two years ago, bragged that she co-hosted a fundraiser for Kloppenburg, the twice unsuccessful candidate for the Supreme Court and a Madison liberal. Rapkin, at the same meeting, bragged to Village President Rozek “I got you elected,” pointing out the fundraiser was jointly held for Kloppenburg and Rozek.

Rapkin is also a signer of the 2012 recall petition aimed at ousting former Governor Scott Walker. It can be seen here:


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