Prominent Kenosha Democrat And Attorney Says He’s Voting For Trump Because Of Disgraceful Democrat Response To Riot

By Carl Holborn

Dear Friends and Family,

I am writing this email to you to tell you that I am voting for Donald Trump in his reelection for President. Many of you will be shocked by this decision. I have been a proud Democrat my entire life. I have never been so proud of our democracy and inspired as when I voted for President Obama twice. However, the recent events in my hometown of Kenosha have caused me to make this decision to vote for President Trump. These last few nights hundreds of outsiders have descended on my hometown. These outsiders have come here under the veil of seeking justice. But, these outsiders are really just violent anarchists. They have firebombed dozens of buildings, looted businesses, assaulted residents, destroyed historic cultural sites and have committed general mayhem. Last year I travelled to Iraq and visited the city of Mosul after it had been liberated from ISIS. The destruction there was unbelievable. Now, parts of my hometown look like Mosul at the hands of these outsiders.

It has been very troubling the way the national media has covered this story. I have never been one to believe that the mainstream media had a bias that caused it to report the news in a dishonest way. As I read the coverage on CNN and the New York Times about the situation in Kenosha, the two news media outlets that I typically turn to for my news, I am shocked by the biased reporting. I know the facts and what they are covering is just not an accurate portrayal of what is happening. The lack of coverage about the devastating destruction in my hometown and the hinging on every word of Attorney Ben Crump is outrageous. I have never been a fan of Fox News, but I will tell you for this story it’s coverage has been spot on.

The mainstream media portrays police in riot gear who look like stormtroopers as some sort of occupying force. I know these police officers in front of the courthouse in Kenosha. I was involved in the process of hiring some of these officers when I served on the Kenosha County Civil Service Commission. These police officers are good people who are trying to protect their community. They are not racists. I believe they have shown unbelievable restraint. Then the media shows these outsiders who have been tear gassed in a way to elicit sympathy. These media outlets portray these poor defenseless peaceful protestors who hang around after dark, after curfew, and firebomb, loot, and cause criminal mayhem as some righteous citizens seeking justice.

I used to think ANTIFA was some boogeyman dreamed up by right wingers to scare people. But, I have seen people, outsiders, prowling the streets of Kenosha, most who are white, selecting soft targets and using complex incendiary devices and firebombing our city. I am not sure if they claim to be ANTIFA, but you know what – they look like it to me.

I would have never believed this mayhem could have happened in my hometown. It has a vibrant economy, good schools, and much opportunity for all. But this violent destruction has happened here. And if this violence can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

I have also decided to vote for President Trump after listening to Senator Tim Scott’s speech at the Republican National Convention. I am troubled by racial injustice. I grew up three blocks away from where Jacob Blake was shot, on the same street -28th Avenue. I attended an integrated Junior High and High School. I was the only white student on the bus when I went to Junior High. I grew up around and with Black people my whole life. Based upon my experience, the message I heard from Senator Tim Scott is a message that rings true as a way to bring about greater racial equality in our country. I strongly advise that you watch his speech. Here is a link. His argument for why he is voting for President Trump is persuasive

In so many ways I dislike President Trump and find him extraordinarily offensive. However, there are two old political sayings that ring true to me now. Every Democrat is a mugging away from becoming a Republican and all politics is local. I have not been mugged, but my hometown is being destroyed and you cannot get more local than that.

Governor Evers recently turned down President Trump’s offer to send federal assistance to help end this destruction. I think federal assistance would have ended this mayhem. Thank you President Trump for offering to help. Vice-President Biden has not said a word.

I am voting for President Trump.



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