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EXCLUSIVE: MPS Teacher Tweets Rush Limbaugh Should Have to Suffer From Cancer, Says “It’s Awesome That He’s Dying…”

By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

A Milwaukee Public Schools teacher has tweeted on his personal account that “Rush Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer.” He goes on to say “it’s awesome that he’s dying” and hopes the death will be “painful.”

The teacher, Travis Sarandos, is listed as a teacher of creative writing and journalism at Milwaukee School For The Arts. Some Twitter respondents criticized his tweet but he responded by re-affirming his original tweet. Sarandos has tweeted in the past that he “hates” the Catholic Church and believes Christian conservatives should be “exterminated.” He has tweeted about “poisoning the communion wine.”

Limbaugh has disclosed on his program that he has “advanced” lung cancer and will miss a number of programs while receiving treatment. A compilation screenshot of Sarandos’ tweet about Limbaugh and his tweet about Christian conservatives is below. As of this writing, all of his tweets remain on his account. His Twitter handle is @travis_mke.

This is a link to his page:

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