EXCLUSIVE: Sex Criminal Given Soft Sentence By Dallet Taken Into Custody Thursday Night

I have learned that 72-year old Donald B. Skenandore, the convicted sex criminal whose lenient sentence has become a major issue in the current Wisconsin Supreme Court election, was arrested and taken into custody Thursday evening (March 29) outside a bar and restaurant on West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee near the James Lovell intersection. He was apparently taken in for a violation of the terms of the extended supervision handed to him in Dallet’s controversial 2011 sentence.

Skenandore pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to attempted sexual assault of a child under 13 but was given a mere two years in prison, plus five years of extended supervision after that by Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet. That sentence has been the subject of a critical ad run by a state business group that backs Dallet’s opponent. Only hours before Skenandore was taken into custody, his relatives criticized the ad contending it served to identify Skenandore’s victims.

Milwaukee County jail records indicate Skenandore is on a “hold.” That language is usually used when someone on probation or supervision has violated a major condition of release. State Department of Corrections officials have not responded to my inquiries about what Skenandore did to get thrown back in jail. Eyewitnesses tell me two Milwaukee police squads took him into custody last evening near a restaurant and two hotels on West Wisconsin.

Mark Belling
March 30
11:30 am

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