Waukesha School District Data Shows Drastic Drop In Educational Performance During Covid Lockdowns

The table below shows data for each high school at each grade level in WSD, and also includes a YoY grade point comparison as well.

Note the following:

  • Every single grade, at every single high school in WSD, has seen declines in their GPA, with a District wide decline of 10%.
  • North and South fare the worst with 12% declines at the school level, and some grades seeing drops as high 18%
  • East HS, which as I understand it, enrolls students who are most at risk of not graduating, shows declines in GPA of 24% among its Junior and 45% among its Seniors (Quarter Grade Data is not tracked at East HS).

Finally, here is a chart from another parent, also from the ORR data obtained yesterday, shows dramatic drops in student attendance, particularly at the middle school level (Grades 6-8)

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