Mark Belling’s Statement On Appleton Radio Host’s Toxic Comments On Rush Limbaugh’s Death

Statement On Appleton Radio Host’s Suspension For Rush Limbaugh Comments
By Mark Belling, WISN-AM

It’s admittedly nice for liberals to feel some of the pain of the obnoxious cancel culture they have created. And a dopey DJ at WAPL in Appleton is feeling it now. Len Nelson, like many other bitter lefties, took to social media to dance on Rush’s grave by tossing out the usual buzzwords like “misogyny” and “racist.” The goof then went on to say the world is a better place without Rush.

WAPL has suspended him.

Obnoxious as Nelson’s comments are, he should not have been suspended and he should certainly not be fired. If his audience sees him for the doofus he is, fine. But this pandemic of firing people for saying things others don’t like is un-American. And it’s childish.

Nelson’s comments are not, to use a word the left loves, hurtful. Rush has been very important to my life and my career and I’m not hurt by Nelson’s comments one bit. I am able to consider the source and move on.

Liberals spent Rush’s entire career trying to get him fired for daring to express his opinions. Rush survived because millions of us loved his show and agreed with him. His legacy should not be to use the very tactics against his no-talent critics that were used on him.

Our world is better off with all speech, even obnoxious speech. Perhaps if liberals understand that the cancel culture they invented can be turned against them, they’ll start to back off. But that still isn’t justification for putting muzzles on all of us because of the misguided notion that we can’t handle speech we find nauseating.

Free Len Nelson.

Mark Belling
February 19

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