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Mark Endorses Several Charities For Hurricane Florence Relief

All of the following charities are faith-based..  All three are currently raising money for Florence relief and the links below take you directly to the fundraising pages.  I’m sure there are other worthwhile groups but I can recommend these three.  They are listed in no particular order.
Samaritan’s Purse:

Knights of Columbus:

Catholic Charities:

EXCLUSIVE: Tent City Continues To Grow In Milwaukee East Of Marquette Campus

EXCLUSIVE: Tent City Continues To Grow East Of Marquette Campus

A makeshift “tent city” is continuing to grow on a large piece of land under the Marquette Interchange’s many overpasses. When I visited the site this morning there were two Milwaukee police squads and a Marquette Police squad. Marquette Police tell me the area is within their patrol zone even though it is not actually on the Marquette campus. Police say they are doing outreach with the people living there. Nobody, other than the police, appear to be paying much attention and there have been no attempts to force the squatters to move.

I counted between 15 and 25 tents or contraptions but the property sprawls for blocks and there are obviously no actual boundaries. Most of the land appears to be right of way owned by the state because it is under the freeway. Similar tent cities of illegal immigrants and/or street people have popped up in other cities and there are hundreds of tents in cities like San Francisco. I did not invade any of the personal space of the tent occupants so I can’t tell you who is living in them. The Milwaukee media has been looking the other way and refusing to report on this site even as the number of tens gets larger every day. The following is a video, shot by me with an iPhone, of some of the site:

Mark Belling
Friday, September 14

EXCLUSIVE: Sex Criminal Given Soft Sentence By Dallet Taken Into Custody Thursday Night

I have learned that 72-year old Donald B. Skenandore, the convicted sex criminal whose lenient sentence has become a major issue in the current Wisconsin Supreme Court election, was arrested and taken into custody Thursday evening (March 29) outside a bar and restaurant on West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee near the James Lovell intersection. He was apparently taken in for a violation of the terms of the extended supervision handed to him in Dallet’s controversial 2011 sentence.

Skenandore pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to attempted sexual assault of a child under 13 but was given a mere two years in prison, plus five years of extended supervision after that by Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet. That sentence has been the subject of a critical ad run by a state business group that backs Dallet’s opponent. Only hours before Skenandore was taken into custody, his relatives criticized the ad contending it served to identify Skenandore’s victims.

Milwaukee County jail records indicate Skenandore is on a “hold.” That language is usually used when someone on probation or supervision has violated a major condition of release. State Department of Corrections officials have not responded to my inquiries about what Skenandore did to get thrown back in jail. Eyewitnesses tell me two Milwaukee police squads took him into custody last evening near a restaurant and two hotels on West Wisconsin.

Mark Belling
March 30
11:30 am

Supreme Court Candidate Rebecca Dallet Gave Attempted Cop Killer Probation

Click here to read about the Whitefish Bay Man Who Tried To Kill A Cop

And, click here to see Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet give the guy PROBATION

Channel 4 Reporter Thinks Right To Work “Bans Employees From Joining A Union”

Right To Work - TMJ4

Exclusive: Five Time Drunk Driver Was Three Times Over Limit Night Of His Fatal Accident

Reports from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office indicate five time drunk driver James Springer of Waukesha was extremely intoxicated when he died in a fatal motorcycle crash on the Sixth Street Bridge in Milwaukee June 19.   Springer’s Blood Alcohol Content was .25, more than three times over the legal limit for presumptive evidence of drunk driving. Springer was placed on probation by Waukesha County Circuit Judge Donald Hassin when convicted of fifth offense OWI last year.  The crime called for up to a decade in prison.  Springer was arrested again and charged in April of this year for driving after revocation.  Despite this, probation agent Elizabeth Kajcir of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections did not revoke Springer’s probation.  Corrections spokesman Joy Staab emailed me today that the department considered Springer’s latest case “a minor traffic citation” and that it stands by its decision to allow the chronic offender to remain free.  In fact, Springer was charged with a crime in the latest incident and it was grounds for revoking his probation. Springer wiped out on his motorcycle June 26 only hours before he was due in court for a hearing on his latest charges.  Both the judge and the probation agent gave chronic offender Springer chance after chance because they believed he had stopped drinking.  The night he died he was so drunk that he caused an accident that made it impossible for the lenient authorities to give him yet another break. Mark Belling July 3