Exclusive: Five Time Drunk Driver Was Three Times Over Limit Night Of His Fatal Accident

Reports from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office indicate five time drunk driver James Springer of Waukesha was extremely intoxicated when he died in a fatal motorcycle crash on the Sixth Street Bridge in Milwaukee June 19.   Springer’s Blood Alcohol Content was .25, more than three times over the legal limit for presumptive evidence of drunk driving. Springer was placed on probation by Waukesha County Circuit Judge Donald Hassin when convicted of fifth offense OWI last year.  The crime called for up to a decade in prison.  Springer was arrested again and charged in April of this year for driving after revocation.  Despite this, probation agent Elizabeth Kajcir of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections did not revoke Springer’s probation.  Corrections spokesman Joy Staab emailed me today that the department considered Springer’s latest case “a minor traffic citation” and that it stands by its decision to allow the chronic offender to remain free.  In fact, Springer was charged with a crime in the latest incident and it was grounds for revoking his probation. Springer wiped out on his motorcycle June 26 only hours before he was due in court for a hearing on his latest charges.  Both the judge and the probation agent gave chronic offender Springer chance after chance because they believed he had stopped drinking.  The night he died he was so drunk that he caused an accident that made it impossible for the lenient authorities to give him yet another break. Mark Belling July 3

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